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Invasion team by default

Please can we get an option for pvp invasion team by default like we got for defense?

The reason im asking for it is because when i make a task with specific team and when im done i return in pvp and sometime i click too quick cause i think i got my pvp team and im stuck with the last team i used

I think that’s as likely to be a problem as not. Change your team outside of PvP, return to PvP and click an opponent, expecting your new team to be chosen – surprise! You didn’t make it your PvP default team!

It was annoying in pre-2.0 that simply viewing your defense team would cause your invasion team to become your defense team, since you hadn’t actively done anything in that screen (just entering it was enough to trigger the side effect). Since that’s been fixed, I think things are fine the way they are.


I totaly understand your point if someone switch team often depending on the enemy team but maybe they could add a little square in the corner and if you check in you play with your default team and if you don’t check in you play with last team created

Yeah this has happened to me a couple of times, but as soon as you switch back to the team you want, problem solved.