Gotta stop changing your invade team

When u change your defending team, why in gods green earth does it change your invasion team. Yes i realize its not a big deal u change it back. But its slightly annoying ok really annoying; As I’ve just noticed u just have to look at the defending team and it will bring the defending team to being your invasion team, if u just merely look at it without switching teams. and if u just click pvp invade ok ok ok boom wtf is this team, awww gah dang it. REally i need to switch it back again… type of scenario :D. So if the game could be made stop auto switching these teams that would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the rant, but that little itty bitty tiny thing is like a thorn in the foot.

The team that is used in battle is based on the last team you looked at. I hate it too sometimes, but it does make sense to have the last looked at team as the one to use. It wouldn’t make sense to set an invade team like a defend team for many people switch their invade team multiple times an hour, whereas most keep their defend team for a few days to months.

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right but when u switch invade teams u close that team and then select the next team to take to battle. If I look at my defend team and switch that, while under the defend tab; it should not automatically switch that to the attacking/invading team. I get the whole last team look at is then selected, but why can it not be limited to which tab(invade, defend, defenders) you are under.

I’ve done it too. Sometimes it works out ok but that frustration when you realize that you did click too fast and didn’t check first. Arggh! :wink:

I had fun times doing invastions with untraited, hardly levelled teams that I’d just setup to remember to build on from the teams tab.
And then forget to doublecheck before going invade. Amazingly, I have managed to win both times I did this.