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Multiple default teams in pvp

I would like the option to set at least 2 teams in pvp so this can give a little more variety to pvp. Basically the player set 2 teams as their default teams and the computer chooses what team to put to fight when somebody encounters them.

I dont think would change much, first they would need to code that you can put two exact teams, second there is more than one defense team that is effective, so if a player cant set the same team twice, they will put the two most effective defense teams, and you will be in the same place that today.

Sorry but honestly i dont think this is something that could be helpful.

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The purpose is 2 set 2 different teams as your defense team.

Yup, i understand that, AND thats why i said, everybody would have the two most effective defense teams, and you will be in the same place as now.

Therefore a chance 2 play 2 different teams instead of the same team over and over again.

Well, obviously you arent understanding what i mean, but is ok.
Good luck with your request.


So instead of ONE meta team, we get the option fight one of TWO meta teams… not exactly an improvement. Plus the AI plays like sht anyways

Not all players put up meta teams. Some of us is actually original.

So put up your original team and forget the suggestion of an unnecessary second team.

Ok you said you disagree and you are entitled to your opinion. Save the rest of the bs ok.

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