Attack Team set as defense team

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

Defense team gets changed without even entering the “defenders” tab in PvP. Yes, this is still happening.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Finally figured this one out. Enter any pre battle screen for PvP. Select Edit Teams. It doesn’t matter if anything was edited or not, but after backing out of Edit Teams, instead of pressing To Battle!, back out one more time to return to the main PvP screen. At this point, your defenders will become whatever team you last had open in the edit teams menu (if you collapse the teams back to the main list before backing out, your defenders will be your first team). Just to be sure that it was not the extra step of actually checking the defenders tab that changed it, I was able to confirm by backing out of PvP completely, going to chat, clicking on my name and selecting “Fight” to confirm my defense team had been changed without having even entered the defenders tab.

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Seems pretty self-explanatory, but can record a video of it if needed.


I’m going to bump this, because the same thing keeps happening to me, and it’s infuriating. I actually have a defense team that gets a decent amount of wins but when I go to check and see I have four defense losses and no wins, I check and surely, my defense team has been replaced with my invasion team!

I’m going to double check with Mithran here discovered to be the apparent cause of it. But this has been going on for a while, and I’d like to know what can be done, other than avoiding the edit troops screen.

Edit: Confirmed

Yep, found the cause, at least for me. If you edit troops while preparing for a PvP match, then back all the way out of the PvP match, the last selected team in the edit screen (or the first team, if you collapse the list) will be set as your defense team. It only happens if you edit troops in the preparing to fight screen, THEN back out of the match completely. If you edit troops from the troop screen, you are fine. If you edit troops while preparing for a match then continue into the match, and you are fine. Just avoid editing, then backing all the way out of the match and you should be good (or make sure you reset your defense team if you do).

What sucks is that I’m in the habit of doing just that, frequently. I would, however, like to see if this is happening to more than just us. Or if something can be done about it.

I’m pretty sure it does. If you repeat the steps I mentioned (enter a PvP scouting screen, edit teams, back out of match), your defense team is reset 100% of the time. Now that I’m conscious of the issue, I never accidentally reset my team anymore.

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That’s good at least. Lets see if anyone else reports in with this though. I’d like to see other people test this. If it’s effecting everyone, then it might be a good idea to get the news of this bug out there to stop other people from unknowingly suffering from its effects

@Sirrian / @Nimhain / @Saltypatra

Devs, I’m necroing this thread because this still happening. In fact, it’s happening to me after nearly every match and the old workaround of playing a match after changing defense team doesn’t appear to be 100% effective anymore.

This is going to really screw up GW if we can’t trust our set defense teams to remain.

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Could you give us a little more information about this bug and how it’s changed and is effecting you now? Once I know more I’ll pop it in the Known Issues thread.

Originally, it was as @Mithran said:

  1. Set your defense team.
  2. Click the Invade tab and select a battle.
  3. In the team selection screen, click on “edit teams”. You don’t have to actually edit a team but go ahead and exit back to the team selection screen.
  4. Then exit back to the Invade tab.

Your defense team will be reset to whatever team you were messing with in the Edit Teams screen.

The workaround used to be that if you entered the Edit Teams screen at any point, you HAD to play that match. If you finished it, your defense team would stick.

I am finding out now, however, that the workaround doesn’t appear to be working every time. My defense team is randomly resetting to whatever team I’m using in invades if I click on Edit Teams from the team selection screen in PVP. Even if I go ahead and finish the match, my defense team sometimes changes.

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It might be related to this issue?

Not saying its exactly the same issue, just that it could be that it could be connected to the recent change in this issue?

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I’ve had that happen but it’s not the same issue, no.

happens here too wish they would fix it

better work fast on this one. this could be exploited to have a much lower score than it should defense team.

The following applies to the Steam version of the game.

Before this patch (and still hold true, currently) the steps to reproduce are:
Select a PvP match, but don’t go into battle yet.
Press edit teams.
Exit edit teams. (It doesnt matter what you actually do on the edit teams screen.)
Back out once again instead of heading into battle.

Now, your defense team has not actually been switched yet on the server at this point. If you completely exit the game from where you stand after repeating just these steps, your defense team stays what it is supposed to be after reloading.

However, any of the following will save the defense team on the server:
Backing out of PvP completely
Visiting any other PvP tab
Fighting any other battle and doing either of these.

Basically, you have no legit way out of PvP without triggering the swap at this point.

Video showing the steps to make this happen:

You can tell when it happens, as you get the loading wheel briefly. Not the beachball, this one:

You can verify your team has not been switched yet by opening the chat and attempting to fight yourself.

All of these things are still repeatable and still occur in this version, except for fighting another battle saving your team to the server. Fighting another battle immediately after clicking edit teams has the same effect as clicking edit teams, backing out, and fighting any battle (on the same tab), which is the “new” form of the glitch as explained below.

What has changed in this update is that clicking edit teams anywhere in PvP now has your defense team get switched to the last team you looked at in the edit teams screen even if you enter a battle. However, once again, these changes don’t make it to the server. I’ve yet to produce a way to force the changes onto the server without triggering something either the original form of the glitch or manually switching my defense team. Changing tabs or exiting PvP will not initiate the server contact that saves the errant defense team, but it will stay that way on your defenders tab until you either trigger the glitch, edit teams from the defenders tab, or exit and restart the game. Once again, you can verify the team has not actually switched on the servers by attempting to fight yourself through chat or the leaderboard.

As shown here, after triggering the glitch by clicking edit teams and then completing a battle, your team has not actually switched:

I strongly believe this is because the client has no reason to tell the server that it has switched teams and therefore will not update your actual team and the server is not contacted to get the “correct” team, either.

However, the crux of the issue is that the edit teams button in the PvP preview screen functions like the one in the defenders tab with some added glitchiness where it occasionally doesn’t save the team properly. Instead of focusing on the “new” iteration of the glitch, which is basically the old one but with less client/ server contact, the defense team switching functionality probably should be severed from the edit teams button entirely. Hopefully this can be done without a major client update, or we could be waiting a while for a proper fix.

Edit, more to add:

If you trigger v1 of the glitch, going to the defenders tab does not actually change your team on the server, but you can see that it is swapped on the client. Going to any other tab, including the tab you are on (eg., Ranked/Casual) will trigger the swap. This is, again, because the edit teams button in PvP has the same extra functionality as the one in the defenders tab.

Triggering v2 of the glitch will occasionally fail to dispose some of the overlay elements from the PvP preview screen.

You can trigger the glitch by using the edit teams button in any sub window of PvP, including fighting someone or yourself via the leaderboard or in chat.



This issue is getting worse. Now it doesn’t appear to be saving team changes made in the Troops tab.

I can’t reproduce it reliably either.

At one point, the interface didn’t even show the correct data, corroborating what Mithran said about client/server issues.

For example, I had my Blackhawk defense team from last week. Using the same team slot (thus overwriting my Blackhawk team) I changed my defense team to a Pan’s Vale lineup and exited the tab. When I went to Explore, my invade team was still set to the Blackhawk lineup. So I went back to the Troops tab and set it to Pan’s Vale a 2nd time.

I then went into Explore and confirmed it stuck. I exited out of Explore and clicked on my icon in the upper left. I clicked on Battle! and my invade team was the correct Pan’s Vale team. However, my defend team was still the Blackhawk lineup which should be impossible given I overwrote that team.


I just had this happen again.

Went into the troops tab and made some changes. Went into PVP and selected the team and it reflected none of the changes.

And the defense team is now changing even when not tweaking teams.

I checked my defense team via my profile card and it was correct. Played a half dozen PVP matches and then clicked on the defense tab. My defense team was set to the last team I used in PVP invade.

I can no longer edit teams from the Troops tab. The recommendation in the 3.0 Known Issues thread:

It doesn’t work. If I go into the Troops tab and change my teams and then go to PVP, my teams haven’t been changed. So you can’t “play a battle” before closing the game.

The only way I can edit my teams now is by going into Edit Teams from the match-up screen.

I’m updating 3.0 known issues now. Thanks for letting me know everyone.


i dont know will that help you out but currently to change (and test) defense team i use this:

to save new team:

  1. change a team composition from troop page
  • attack expore using my newly edited team (out of laziness exit the match as soon as board loads)

to save defense team:

  1. change a team composition from troop page
  • go to pvp and set it as my defense
  • attack expore using my defense team (out of laziness exit the match as soon as board loads) - this sometimes can be skipped
  • go to chat and attack myself using my newly edited team (sometimes first time it will show you old defense team but after attack-exiting explore or trying again its changed correctly)
  • if it doesnt work consider part of game disconnected somehow so: restart game proceed from point 1.

the confirmation i get that a team got saved correctly is when i can see its correct setup inside a fight (not the scout)

so far it works for me (on steam) and i dont get any spooky changes afterwards