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Invasion/Raid Hero Weapns

I would like to discuss some constructive feedback for the developers on one specific are of the Raid/Invasion Events: Hero Weapons.

There is currently ONE useful weapon (Mang). The developers invested a decent amount of resources creating dozens of these brand new things to use during the event. But all of them are ridiculously underpowered. It’s like they are specifically designed to help the AI with the low Gem creation count.

I think a minor change or two could make them useful for the week without creating a permanent menace to Arena or PvP.

  1. “Deal damage”. This is supposed to be a “Legendary” weapon. It starts at an insignificant 5 damage, plus the small boost. This is crazy low for these game modes. It needs something else.
  • If a Godslayer is on your team you share his ascension multiplier Damage
  • If attacking a tower/Boss gain an extra turn.
  • If etc…
  1. “Mix of Gems”. The boost needs to be increased to x5 so there is a least an opportunity to get a 4-match.

Personally i would prefer unique weapons, but considering they would certainly prefer unispired sets of uninspired weapons that are just the same exchange the mana needed/produced, picture and benefits/effects from race/kingdom…

Well, i’ll try to think about something and post later (tomorrow in my case).