Raids/Invasion seperate Class Option

Can we please have a seperate option for Raids/Invasion when it comes to class selection. This option can be found in the Raids/Invasion menu and the change of classes for these modes might be free. That way the Class selected for the other modes than Raids/Invasion stays untouched.

(I know these suggestions I made today is not new, in case anyone want to tell me. Still worth to talk about again.)


I’d rather see the hero class stick to the team, just like the selected weapon. Fighting with such a team would temporarily override the currently active hero class. Modifying teams would always install the currently active hero class, so there would still be reasons to pay for a class change.


I want to push this topic forward because I just wanted to make the same request.
Hero classes are becoming more and more important to build a good team for different situations. GW Defense Teams versus Offensive Teams versus Delve Teams versus PvP Teams versus Invasions/Raid Teams and so on. And we’ll get more hero classes, but I’ll only stay with 1 class that suits me best for all situations. And I don’t even want to think about expanding other classes. It has become almost impossible, unless you invest a lot of gems.
I like the possibilities these different classes offer, but I’m a little annoyed that you can’t take full advantage of them.
If there were a class overhaul by the developers that would allow you to use different classes in different game modes at the same time, that would be a huge enrichment and would certainly motivate many to take full advantage of the diversity of the class system.


I agree. It is almost impossible to level another class and be successful in raids/invasions unless you really plan around. And that would be working, not playing.

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I disagree. Planning stuffs is my favorite part in playing GoW. Although, I agree that having a single class locked in to each event, leaving players free to use other classes in any mode would be very awesome.

My plan in Raid/Invasion is taking advantage of daily reset. My timezone’s daily reset is 2 PM, so I choose to change between two class at 4 PM. That way, I could use one class I wanted for all Raid/Invasion battles, and also able to farm champion exp on another class every other days. (before or after 4 PM, depending on each days)

Guild War is a trouble though, as I can’t do that without my GW’s 6 Defense teams failing miserably, so I’m stuck with one class for 6 days, leaving only Monday possible to farm other classes.

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