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Raid boss (Khetar)

Hi everyone tomorow we got another raid boss event and it’s time to build another restricted team.

I was thinking about

Keeper of souls

The Troop choice is really poor im still looking for the 4th troops, i was thinking about phara but no souls generator so it will be useless.

Feel free to leave suggestions

I’m leaning towards:

Wall of Bones
Keeper of Souls


Hmmm interesting but wall of bone first?

It actually makes me sad that the developers took all the time to create a ton of new player weapons but they are borderline worthless in the Event they were SPECIFICALLY created for.

Good grief at least the new event troops are used for a week, before they are discarded.


Mang, Skeleton, Aziris, Azris

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I always put a kill off troop in 1st slot on raids to spend the start of the battle getting Mang + 3x/4x/5x combo on raid boss.


Interesting strategy, i was thinking it would be better to feed mang or morterra as quick as i can in case the boss one shot kill them

95% of every weapon they ever added to the game are useless because the other 5% are so useful.


I’m more than aware of that. But I could have come up with something that is potentially usable during that specific event it releases, and not an OP powerhouse afterwards but tieing it to the Kingdom/Race a tighter, and giving it some damage.

I’m just saying it was lots of effort to create dozens and dozens of Hero weapons with very low usability.

these event weapons could be made usable if they just created one color of gems

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I agree the weapons are really dissapointing and 99% of time help the AI instead of you

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If the weapon would also add an extra turn and would only be usable in raid mode it would be way better!

How about the Hero Class from Khetar being a disappointment too.

  1. It does not have the “Undying” Racial Trait. (and It should)
  2. Its gamewide Unique ultra powerful signature 3rd trait “Ensoul” gives 1 Soul on 4-5 matches. (I’ll let that sink in).



Don’t underestimate War Sphinx and Skeleton for helping you to match skulls.

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The problem is they all use purple and without any gem creator or exploder it’s gonna be hard to feed them all

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WS uses blue and only 7 mana.

Purple generator comes on friday.

Royal Guard [Royal Guard Picture]
Create 8 Purple and 8 Red Gems. Barrier a random ally.

Yeah I thought the same but not sure I want to wait for friday to do my Raid Boss battles + Bounty ones…

Mang + Wight + Wight + Pharos Ra; Proud banner

Settite Warrior to mow through early stages,

Bastite Princess
War Sphinx
Bastite Princess

+2 purple banner +2 purple links will fill 7 mana WS in one turn.
Lots of 4+ matches, lots of skulls for Mang. The main problem with Glacial Peaks was that teams were SLOW. Yes, you did cast Mang once or twice, but you weren’t able to kill Boss quick enough before he fills up. This time we don’t have good mana generators, but at least skulls is not a problem at all.