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Invasion Speculation

Well, we’ve played Raid for a day, so we are all tired of that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Let’s turn our sights to Invasion and what it might bring to the table next Monday.

I recall in the early teasers a comment something like this: “There will be GW, then Raids, then a mode we are not going to tell you about, but which is focused on RESOURCE GAIN.”

With Raid being an obvious RESOURCE DRAIN…
Could it be possible to see Gem rewards in Invasion in comparable amounts??

Making Invasion the YIN to Raids YANG??? :yin_yang:

Feel free to speculate below! All conspiracy theories and wild dreams are welcome! :wink:




Laugh all you want… :wink:

But we can hope… for 6 more days at least…

I’m just saying, it shouldn’t be the exact same, but if Invasion really is about Resource Gain, then perhaps we will see a way to recoup the gems we are not getting access to from GW.

This is the place to speculate!!!
Share your hopes below fellow dreamers!!! :star_struck:

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I honestly don’t remember seeing the “resource gain” comment anywhere and it would be awesome if that were the case. I just can’t believe that it will be true.

That said, as much as people are griping about the Gnomes, that has been a 100% new free stuff addition. It costs us absolutely nothing - not even time - so that one is a win for players. Maybe Invasion will be too.


I predict people are going to freak out when they don’t get the new Mythic (which looks good) because they used all of their gems on raids.
All I know is…I need invasion to pay out gems without having to spend money. Otherwise my Sentinel Requirements are going to be an ugly awakening when GW comes back.


The tiered-shop in Raid Boss (& Invasion) hits Tier 3 at 30+70+150=250 Gems, and Tier IV at 30+70+150+250=500 Gems, so it falls either side of that Guild Wars upgrade amount.

By our valuation, most guilds should benefit more in GEM VALUE from these events than Guild Wars, but not in actual Gems.

This is all we know about from patch 3.3
I guess no more gems than the ones you spent.

The invasion will take place in a nice beach so everyone can relax… It’s Normandy! :scream:

to not get my hopes up, i’m gonna assume invasion is a copy of raid.

zulgoth is replaced with tower.

godslayer is replaced with siegebreaker.

similar or higher shop cost.

similar or lower reward.

no gem gain.


Yup i expect same then raid and bounty is a copy of raid but single player

I believe invasion’s going to cost a lot of resources and involve building teams/using teams in ways we’re not used to.

I believe forums are going to hate it with increasing virulence as the days increase. It’ll start with a lot of goofy feedback that boils down to, “It’s different!”. A handful of people who burned out long ago will announce this is the last straw. Somewhere mid-week, we’ll start to see reasonable feedback as to how the game mode might be improved.

Then, the next week, we’ll have GW again and everyone will complain they don’t like GW either.


I believe it’ll be another case of players getting “more Gem value” rewards without getting actual Gems, which kinda leaves players in a lurch if they want to purchase things that require Gems such as Sentinel upgrades or VIP chests.

I know! How about the devs/publisher let us start buying Sentinel levels and VIP chests with the extra Souls or Minor Traitstones that are “higher Gem value”. :wink:


Or if everything has such a clear GEM VALUE then allow us to convert all resources into GEMS in the forge. That would make me feel better about the souls, gold, and traitstones dropping all over the place lately! :wink:


I’m just hoping that Invasion won’t be a carbon copy of Raid, but with troop type limitations instead of kingdom.

Betting that first troop type is the Stryx Six.



Since it is an INVASION… and we know there are TOWERS… perhaps the Towers are specific to KINGDOM, meaning you will be fighting defenses built from those Kingdom Troops.

And by extension, perhaps rewards are based on KINGDOM rewards so, the Whitehelm Tower for example, when defeated will net the Guild a LARGE (Fingers crossed) quantity of GLORY, plus whatever other goodies they want to throw at us in the form of Orbs and/or gems.

Wtf are you smoking??? 12 hours PvP and ONE gnome who escaped…

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hopefully it will have a lot of devour and death touch, because thats a lot of fun…


I’m high on life, dude.

But seriously, I see gnomes all the time in explore. I’m not keeping detailed stats but probably in the range of 2-5% of matches. Saw a couple in PVP, as well. It sounds like you’re having some bad luck. Sorry about that.


I agree, I’ve been on pvp and seen I think 5 out 40 or so matches, but, I did buy tier 7 twice, maybe the tiers increase the gnome rates, idk.


I’m wondering if the amount of time on decreases rates. I saw 3 earlier, but in the past 3 hours none. I’ve been in pvp too many hours today crazy theory or not.

Thanks for posting what i came to post.