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Invasion progress # are off

Note in the first screenie the number is 64 then in the next it is 65


Clicking Fight produces this screen:


I can keep fighting battle 65 indefinitely. Not sure if intended as I didn’t read the notes on this game mode.

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It’s intended, the towers won’t get stronger, but you can repeat the battles to increase your score for the leaderboard and help you guild with rewards.

Thanks. Do your numbers show 64, 65 respectively like mine or both 65?

I’m at 44/65. I bought up to Tier IV on the event shop and maybe i missed some sigils because i reached Stage 8 earlier when the devs hadn’t implemented the sigils for towers.

Not a big deal, my guild worked together and we finished all rewards. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok well I’m reporting a minor bug and wanted to see if others have the same.

Mine is also 64/65 i think it’s intended since you can do it over and over