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So this is not me complaining here (i promise)

But with ravens and raven towers, the amount of free sigils I’ve gotten seems to have gone up this week.

Just curious if anybody else has noticed this.

Not really, never happened to see both of them in same fight.

Raven towers actually seem designed to lower the free sigils if anything, before you was getting the 2 extra sigils at randombutalmostfixed intervals just killing the normal towers and if you was skipping menu’s fast could even miss the 2 sigils as prize.

Now the rate is kinda the same BUT the raven tower got the chance to flee.

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I got less sigils then less week considering i reached the last stage last time we had this event with the same tier puchasce that i bought as this time. This time however i have 1 whole stage to do before reaching final stage (5 more battles to 4 towers stage).