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Wrong number of Invasion Towers

IPad 5 iOS 12

Screenshot or image
Didn’t get one

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Fought and won against 4 towers (2 haunted) and only got 3 towers acknowledged in winnings screen.

**How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
All morning since new Invasion started. Only when haunted towers are involved in the battle and it doesn’t seem to happen every time.

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Yes I’m missing points on PS4 too. Wish I’d have read this before and would have saved my sigils. Waste of gems :roll_eyes:

What are the spell and traits of haunted towers? Anything in there that might help figuring out the cause?

I missed one tower point when fighting 2 tower battle. Valraven had taken 1st towers position and the battle only acknowledged one tower in winnings screen. I did get the 2 sigils tho.

I also got the valraven in place of a tower. I didn’t take notice if both towers counted as I’m so used to just speeding through the rewards.

I ended at the fourth battle of stage 7, with 52 towers defeated, should be 54.

Wait, that’s a two tower fight, with Valraven replacing the tower in the last position, right? That looks like a regression, Valraven was changed quite some time ago to not replace towers, in order to not reduce the tower count.

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Hopping on to confirm Valraven doesn’t count as a tower in 4 tower fight. Also, not sure if intended but birds/haunted towers seem lower level than the rest of the towers. Say, they were lvl 56 while proper ones were 92. Also got a haunted tower at lvl 57 while others 94. In short, broken.

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