[Investigating] Crazy Invasion reward thresholds

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I was expecting to still be able to unlock anywhere close to the Invasion rewards as prior to the update. The new reward thresholds have been set crazy high. Even taking double scoring from Sughoarder into account, the same effort now doesn’t even unlock reward 10. Getting to reward 12, let alone any further, requires multiple tier 7 purchases from the whole guild.

It looks like reward thresholds got aggregated instead of listing them individually, e.g. reward threshold 12 might incorrectly have been set to require the kills of reward thresholds 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 + 12, instead of just reward threshold 12. Prior to the update, stage 12 required 1200 tower kills, now it’s 4100.

Edit: I think I see what might have happened here. Originally, back when Invasion was released, thresholds were also set to crazy high numbers:

Those numbers were then reduced significantly, to about 20% of the original value, because they were entirely unreachable. Any chance someone dug up those old numbers and based the new reward thresholds on them instead of the numbers that were used the past years?

Edit 2: Here’s the link to the original issue from 5 years back:


I’ve reported this to the team, they checked the numbers and they should be correctly adjusted for the double scoring that the event captain gives.

I’ve asked them for specifics and I’m hoping to discuss it with them tomorrow.

TLDR we’re looking into it, thanks.


Glad this was posted, I was looking at the numbers thinking that something was off.


Where is double scoring mentioned? Nothing in the shop speaks of this change and nothing in the help section mentions it either

If scoring is changed after existing for years then can more effort be made to educate people be made please?


It’s there in the overview tab but I agree, the shop tiers should definitely mention it as should the help page


First time I’ve ever clicked on that tab. Thanks!



So, the event, when it was launched as the week long version, the thresholds for stage 12 (event completion at the time) was 5250.

Doubled, that would be 10,500. Coincidentally, this is the score the event currently needs for stage 10, 11, and 12 only. The first 9 stages take an additional 4000 points to clear in the current event. Looking at historical data on Taransworld and cross referencing what I could find on the forums, at no point did the week long invasion ever need 7250 points to clear and I could find no indication or implication anywhere that “increasing it to compensate for the raid captain” meant on top of doubling score thresholds that an additional 38% bump in overall battles required to reach reward stage 12 for the week long variant of Invasion would be required.

For reference, the weekend version of this event needed 4500 towers to clear Reward 12. Which was thought of as a quite unfair inflation at the time considering how much higher it made the buy in to finish the event.

You can find additional historical reference material in this thread:

Taransworld has snapshots historical data for the reward thresholds of every recorded events.

I’m kind of disappointed that the double scoring for event captains wasn’t split between carrot and stick (ie, making it easier to make it to stage 12 in terms of total battles if you use it, but more punishing if you didn’t, and allowing some extra bonus stages after that) but the outcome of it being purely negative for not using the captain wasn’t entirely unexpected. Outright retooling previously existing tiers to be more of a grind on top of all the “taxes” levied on battles by having obligate troop slots and additional restrictions (which won’t exactly be apparent this week, since is a very softball combo to launch on, but will be felt for later events), if that is what is happening here, is really not something I expected. Even given everything.

I want to give the benefit of the doubt here, but trying to even initially hand-wave this away as “we increased them because Event captains give double score” looks really really bad. Looking forward to that explanation.

edit: event captains not bounty captains


Can someone spell it out to me? What’s the average looking like so far? Tier 5 and a lot of 6s for a full 30 person guild?

That seems very unreasonable in conjuncture with every other gem sink that we have going.

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Many people in my guild are not aware of the changes about event captain, double point and double point requirements.
So it will take us more gems to finish the event even without the bug, just by the fact that the devs have doubled the requirements.
A notification to warn us that we are not using event captain would help, like the notification to inform us we are not using the event medals.


This was a rough calculation because my guild already cleared some of the rewards but I am getting 483.5 per guild member (14505 ÷ 30) just to get to reward lvl 12. Dunno how that translates to which shop tier is required.


This idea that there should be a flashing banner or something to notify people of a change outlined 2 weeks ago and noted in the first screen you see when you click on the Invasion Event is interesting.

On one hand we want less interaction so we can continue clicking as fast as possible and on the other we want a pop up but not a pop up (because no one reads them) to tell us what is new. Cant please anyome i suppose

Maybe have it in the News section with a indicator that remains on screen until it is read.

We were informed 2 weeks ago by what? A post in official forum? How many people even visit here? 0.1% of the player base?

As per “the first screen you see”, many long time players like me would directly click on the buy tab without taking a single look at that screen, because that’s what we have been doing for years.


I think you missed part of my post. No one reads the pop up banners either…

The changes to the event scoring, event schedule, UI changes, bugs, entirely new mechanics being implemented…has been a hot topic on the forums, in global chat, etc. etc.

You never once thought to check to see if anything else changed before you just…like i said…kept clicking…?

Last week the issue was “i didnt see the brand new gold button in the event shop” if you arent going to take time to pay attention to what you’re doing then a pop up you’re gonna skip to get straight to playing isnt going to help…which is my point. Just like the pop ups about new heroic gems no one ever sees because they’re too busy furiously clicking to make their next move before the board stops moving.

You are here now too. So did you not check the forums at all when these in game changes were constantly happenong or did you create an account to post here?

I am the 0.1%. My post explicitly said “many of my guild mates”.

What I asked for is the same mechanic as warning when you didn’t equip event medals.


I like that - should definitely be implemented. Same with the event weapon for Tower of Doom.


So then you inform your guildmates.

I am also the only person in my guild thats on the forums. I notify my guild and i also make banners to post on global to inform as many people as i can of important changes.

Does this game even work at all anymore? LMAO

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Do we get our overspent gems back, because we brought more because of the high amount needed?

They will likely give you 50 gems as that’s the standard compensation for everything.