Invade to get attacked


Just a simple question: why do i need to invade to get attacked?
I know this is in the game from the beginning, but i just don’t get it why it is in the game.

Can this annoying feature be removed?


This is so people are protected from the beginning when they start out. You actually get rewards for being attacked and you have to set-up defenders as well or your defence is just you and a goblin.


So you say we are all still beginners? :wink:


Only those under level 20. Also free rewards for doing nothing?


Yeah why not?


You are the king of the land, you should not get paid for letting your kingdom go to rubble.


That doesn’t sound very convincing to me.


One explanation is that revenge battles offer rewards above and beyond normal PVP invades: you get bonus glory, gold, and souls, as well as 1/60th of an event key. The way you earn these rewards is to be active in PVP, which lets you get attacked to get the revenge battles.

I’m not saying it’s a great explanation, but it is an explanation.


You take your army to other lands and buy their loyalty. Their = other lands.


I think this is made to “remove” people that don’t play anymore from matchmaking.
It would be weird for lvl 1000 players with all mythics / lvl 20 / fully traited to fight some lvl 1000 with all troops level 15, at their initial rarity level with no traits.

However, I think these could be removed if they just didn’t play the previous ranked week…


I think it’s a player psychology issue: Players will react adversely if they’re attacked a bunch and lose tons of points while not playing. With the new PvP system people would be really upset if they got attacked constantly early in the week when they weren’t playing and had a huge deficit to dig out of.

Personally I think it makes sense that the more active you are, the more you’re attacked.