Insulated Borealis losing turn to Frozen Heart Bone Dragon

I think it may have been one of the random not getting a move from a match 4 or 5. I recreated it a couple times, and it didn’t seem to happen again.

It was SO obvious when it happened, I figured it would happen every time.

My Borealis, fully traited, making a match 4 vs a fully traited bone dragon loses turn.

At no point in time should Borealis be considered Frozen to lose the turn, due to insulation.

If you have another Blue or Yellow troop who is Frozen, that match would still be Frozen.

It was a Skull match, with Borealis as the first troop.

I don’t believe anyone on my team was frozen, except for the multiple skulll matches Borealis made vs Bone Dragon.

I’m going to test it more as I can. It seems like you get frozen then unfrozen at the end of move by insulation, and not just never frozen.

Hmm. Adds to list of new-ish status bugs… coughIK…