Question about Frozen (not working?)

So I’m not sure if this is a bug so I’m posting it here:

My team is the good ol


Faced off in ranked PvP against

Boar Rider***
Goblin Rocket***
Queen Mab***
Goblin Rocket***

My Alchemist is Frozen. I needed to take out Queen Mab so I fired off my Banshee to finish her off, knowing that I wouldn’t get an extra turn even though her spell would cause a match-4 red. A bunch of “stuff happened”, which I really wasn’t paying attention because it’s on my iphone which is slow enough as it is and I thought I knew the outcome and was just waiting to get to the opponent’s turn. Lo and behold, after the dust settled, it was my turn again.

So I guess my question is, under what circumstances would “overwrite” Frozen and allow me to get an extra turn?

If an unfrozen colour matched 4 in the course of ‘stuff happening’ this would have granted an extra turn

Huh, good to know! I’ll have to look more closely to see if Banshee’s spell might set off other match 4s in other colors then (aside from falling gems which I won’t know). Thanks!

Cascading 4+ matches would also give you extra turn, as long as those are not one of the Frozen colors.

Yes, that’s probably what happened like Dddd said about an unfrozen color matching 4 “when stuff happened”. I was just under the impression that whenever if a color matched of a frozen troop, that took precedence no matter when it happened, like

In the scenario above, if I matched 4 of a non-red or non-brown color and in the subsequent cascaded, a red matched 4, Frozen would activate and I would lose the extra turn from the initial match


like I described above, I matched 4 red and in the subsequent cascades, even though a non-red or non-brown matched 4, I would still lose the extra turn from the initial match of frozen colors.

But now that I know what happens, I guess it’s better to take a shot and hope a non-Frozen color would match 4 from the cascades if I can take out the bothersome troop :slight_smile: