Inspiration for new Kingdom?

I saw this post on r/expectationvsreality and it made me think that would be a pretty potent spell for a new Mythic.

Might I suggest the next Kingdom be focused on this, and more chicken-based spells in general?


Chickens have been known to be quite deadly. Carnivorous if you will.

Perhaps a % chance to devour could be added to the spell.



You should see a specialist…


LMAO !!! :laughing::joy:

Best 2 consecutive laughs out loud I’ve had in weeks.


Chicken/Construct troop

Kingdom’s Epic: The Chicken Whisperer.


My mom would not let me watch that show as she said it was too adult. I’m not kidding.

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Maybe being a chicken, it should have a % chance to get devoured…


There are plenty of innuendos in the original Muppet show if i’m not mistaken. But it never aired here in Brazil, but the “Muppet Babies” cartoon was.

We had a decent puppetry show of our own called “TV Colosso”, it feature a lot dogs of diferent breeds running out a tv company with tons of lighthearted puns.

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Yes there are many innuendos. I did end up watching it because my father would allow it but most of the jokes went over my head and the ones I got that were of a sexual nature, didn’t interest me in any way. My mom was being over protective of something that had almost no effect on me.

I have never really been around kids much, but recently I have observed with my girlfriends’ 9 year old son that if there is a scene with a large-chested scantily-clad woman holding a sword, his eyes are bugging out about how cool the sword is. Meanwhile his mom doesn’t want him to see the breasts. Well he isn’t looking anyways!

Because come on… It’s a sword! :open_mouth:

Anyway, if there is something i can blame the Muppets for is that i watched Lady Gaga and the Muppets Holiday Spectacular back at 2013 because of them. And i don’t regret it at all. :joy:

I really live in a bubble. I have never knowingly seen or heard her. Everyone around me tells me I’m supposed to hate her. I just :man_shrugging: lol

My first impression of her was: “She is trying to be like Madonna when even Madonna don’t want to be like that anymore…” I respect her much more because of the Muppets Special, as silly as it may sound her music isn’t bad, nor “OMG it’s so good!”. She also have a good sense of humor:

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OK I’m thinking that either this would spawn Yellow Mana, perhaps the spell would be Lay Eggs and “Spawn Yellow Gems equal to the number of Brown Gems”

Or it could be “Peck Grain” which could be “Destroy half of the Brown and Yellow Gems”

How about “The Big Beak” … “Stun all enemies. Frozen creatures shatter” … not even OP dudes

I was thinking about something cool the other day, and let me get it out…
What about a radioactive wasteland kingdom, where for example we will have animals that has grown big, uneven and ugly because of the radioactivity around the kingdom, have some wild animals and farm animals, thats up for some really cool artwork.

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Well, Karakoth could certainly follow this theme in the sense that the radiation is chaotic magic released by all the rituals and portals present there.


And I’ve been hoping for an expansion in the Disease aspect of the game.

I had to edit the original because it could have been taken wrongly lol

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Among tons of sketchs from ideas i had there is one that could or couldn’t fit in @Eika’s idea of mutation due radiation: An effect that would remove X points of a random skill from a target and add Y points to another random status of the same target. (X = Magic Y = Magic/2)

  • It could be temporary or not.
  • It could have certain effects based on the target’s color as in: Red troops = Lose X attack and gains Y Magic, Blue troops = Lose X Magic and gains Y Armor, …
  • It could be used on allies.

But well, there are a lot of risks involved in such design as well as being a little too complicated for GoW i believe, but well, still an idea roughly sketched.

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That’s an interesting thought process. Would you expand a little more on your idea? I would be curious to hear more.

I think I see the mechanics of what you’re describing. What would be the intended influence of that on strategy or one’s approach? You can just free-style lol


I really didn’t worked on an extensive concept for it. But taking the basic concept it certainly could be an offensive spell mutating the target, which would gain some lesser benefit from such raw chaotic magic.

Imagine the target losing attack but gains armor. It means a thicker skin growing on it’ body consuming key nutrients that are required for the muscles development, or even losing some mobility if we would have such atributes like Agility or Dexterity in GoW…

But for the most complicated version where you would “exchange” atributes based on the troop colors it would certainly become complicated when you think about Mythics losing gaining status for each color in question. As a quick example imagine Jotunar losing XAttack, XArmor, and XLife and gaining more YMagic, YLife and YLife.

It's just a rough example, but speaking "Math", he basically loses Attack and Armor to gain Magic:

If X is 10 
Y = X/2 = 5

Jotunar loses 10 Attack 10 Armor and 10 Life and gains 5 Magic, 5 Life and 5 Life. 

(-10 Life +10 Life = No change in life)

Probably not the best payoff if used on allies, except in some few cases i think, and very situational even against enemies… Being this much complicated for people to remember, or to be included inside those small tooltips, is another “nay” when we consider this for GoW.

But i guess this could be simplified in spells having certain effects like:

  • Choose a Troop. Deal [Magic] damage if it’s an enemy and reduce [Magic/2] Attack if it’s Red. Or give [Magic] Life if it’s an ally and increase it’s Armor by [Magic/2] if it’s Yellow.

Here i used different effects if the troop is an ally or an enemy, but keeping the exchanges similar using only status related to hand-to-hand combat like Attack, Life and Armor depending on determined colors.

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just remember what happens when you attack the chicken in Zelda a Link to the Past…, it could all be fun and games…