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Mimic in detail

Here is the new mimic troop

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If not currently released, this troop will come during the kingdom event for this kingdom.

It’s an event troop, coming Monday.


You promised detail

haha conveniently put the least detailed card page on xD

There have been detailed spoilers of this troop already given; reposting here:

Ultra-Rare Blackhawk Monster-Construct

Surprise! (11 Purple/Brown)
Either: Give 50 Gold, OR Deal [Magic + 3] damage to a random enemy, OR Devour a random enemy, OR Explode 6 Gems, OR Gain [Magic + 3] Life, OR Gain 10 Magic.

(Greedy, Reinforced, Stealthy)
MAX Attack:18 Life:13 Armor:26 Magic:10

Do boy mimics have chestnuts?


I can see this troop inducing some rage.

I wonder what that % devour is.


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Ok so split evenly. Cheers

Makes me think Kerberos and Sand Shark need a % buff. Especially considering Krakens spell.

@Sirrian stoops to a new low…

Do girl mimics have nasty boxes?


It has been confirmed as having an equal chance per option?

Such a random troop that it simply can’t be used

No “confirmation” until we see it in play, but the spell data matches other similar “pick A OR B” spells. I’d give it a high degree of certainty.

Well purple imp is 66% chance to give magic and 33% to transform. It isn’t always the same %. But having 6 options like mimic it’s normal to assume all 6 have the same chance :slight_smile:


Id give drathas the benefit of the doubt, assume he could do that math himself and presume that he wanted an official %

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In that case, none of us can help except the devs themselves, and they’re unlikely to comment about unreleased troops, so you’ll have to wait until Monday at least. But for the record, Spooky Imp’s spell is implemented as “one of these three effects,” where two of those effects are “give magic” and one is “transform enemy.” So the same data I am using to infer 16.67% for Mimic also implies 33.33% for Spooky Imp.


Didn’t know that about spooky since his spell says one of the 2 :slight_smile:
Thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:

No, but they are booby trapped.