Information about bans

While I’m sure everyone would love it, I’m not sure there’s a ton of value in asking for all kinds of things that have no realistic chance of happening.

The in-game economy is moving towards looking to siphon off the extra gems. It’s why we have Dragonite. It’s why we have experimental events like last week. This is all data that can be used to balance the scales and help align future currencies/events/whatever.

I would much prefer something more akin to just clear and concise communication. Take something as far back as the ToD change once campaigns launched. We didn’t have an answer to “alternate” ways to acquire forge scrolls until Cursed Gnomes a year (or more?) later and the orb changes just recently. Instead of asking for things they can’t or won’t do, I would have loved to have known that Forge Scrolls were going to be on a new frequency and could have planned ahead.

Communication improvement is always possible. Asking for disruptions to the in-game economy (as much as we’d all love to have them for sure) just aren’t going to happen. It also makes it far easier to ignore the feedback when it’s just angry rants and unactionable requests.


The previous Vault happened during the Kingdom Pass and the two events didn’t cause trouble and no issue with 10th battlecrasher appeared, so WHY? In all honesty - WHY?

Instead of spreading out Vault events, trust your fixes! And make Kingdom Passes shorter, 5 weeks is far, far, far too long. Especially for kingdom reworks. It was fun first time round, for the Halloween event, when it was 2 weeks long and we had 5 battlecrashers to find per day. 5 weeks with 10 battlecrashers to find is exhausting, not fun. When you do that, you will have no reason to delay any Vault events.

This is a game. It’s supposed to be fun in all its grindy glory. Not exhausting. The only thing you’re doing by this announcement and these decisions is making it very, very hard to like you as devs and enjoy the game as something fun :frowning:

The thing is, as you change the schedule so late, not publish is at all, change it last minute all the time, the community has NO WAY to verify your statement. We don’t know how many Vaults were scheduled, we only know that were deprived of one at the usual 5-6-7-week interval one in mid-January. Now another one is getting pushed back to an unknown date. This does not feel like an extra event because for us it’s just a replacement event for something that was taken away.

What is the period of time over which we’d normally have 2? Considering the number of upcoming kingdom reworks and new kingdom releases (road map), I’d say 4 to 6 months, am I right? If I am, then we just went from 10 Vaults a year to 4-6 Vaults a year. If that’s not a nerf, then what is it?


We’ve tested the Kingdom Pass + Vault event fix, it should be fine but we get complaints about Kingdom battlecrashers not appearing every time we run both whether it’s working or not.

So to avoid the frustration we all collectively encounter when running the 2 events side by side, we decided to avoid it where possible to prevent that.

If we had run the Vault event in January with a Kingdom Pass, Journey Event and an update all coming out in the same week while most the team were still on holiday leave everyone would have been really unhappy.

Regarding Kingdom Pass length that is feedback that has been passed on and that is being considered.

3 Vault events in the span where only 2 were planned is extra. This isn’t personal, I don’t think anyone is stupid, I understand why you’re mad, it’s far less work for me to just tell you “no you don’t get anything” than it is to lie to you about any of this. I’m not doing either of those things, I’m trying to get you the vault event that otherwise wouldn’t be happening with only 2-3 weeks between each (as I said we’re aiming for end of feb/start of march), the vault event in january wasn’t going to happen, even though I understand it feels like you were owed one then. Hopefully my explanation of Vault timing helps set expectations for the future.

Again, I know you’re not happy with this but this is the final outcome:
A vault event this week, a vault event again in 2-4 weeks (hopefully) - then another vault event 6 weeks after that. Under normal circumstances, again to be clear you would have had a vault event on the 17th then another in maybe 6 weeks or more. So that’s why I’m saying “extra”.

I don’t think there’s anything further I can add to this discussion.
I do again however, apologise for the issue over Christmas and how we can’t give heaps more compensation or a week long Vault event back to back etc. I know you wanted more than this, expected more than this (the issue and the compensation) and I’m sorry. I’m also sorry for how my posts keep being read as personal insults - they’re really not intended to be, I’m just trying to share the information I have with you.


People are complaining about battlecrasher no. 10 not appearing also without the Vault event running… look through the threads on the forums. Over the past 5 weeks, there were several threads trying to report this issue. No Vault in progress was necessary for those reports…


I know. This is also feedback we’ve been passing on and is being considered.

I see, let me rephrase this for myself and others:

  • We took the vault event that was scheduled for January because of OUR mistake.
  • We normally had only one vault event scheduled for February (next week) and none in March.
  • Now, you will get one this week and another one hopefully in 2-4 weeks (many people pointed out that it will conflict with a Kindgom pass release and based on your explanation, will be delayed, so no guarantee that this will hold).
  • But regardless since you would get 1 vault in February/March and now you are potentially getting 2 of them, you should consider this as extra.

Sorry, but no. Simply no. That’s not how life/Math/things work.


So here’s where these threads get clogged up and going in every direction. There was no problem with a 10th battlecrasher aside from terrible RNG. The times there there was a problem with the 10th battlecrasher, it was posted all over the place. Bad luck != a bug. It took me 3000 Boss Chests to get the Hoard Mimic. That’s not a bug. I hated every moment of it but it wasn’t a bug. Same with the dragon eggs, etc etc etc etc. And the same angry ranting is going to lead just as quickly to the same end results-- you’ll get the line in the sand posts and that will be that. It’s just tiring.

Back on topic-- @Kafka clearly has guardrails on what can be said. There’s a reason why there’s a qualifier on the “hopefully”. Totally get it. Again, the frontline folks are sometimes left with the unenviable task of trying to put a positive spin on a dumpster fire. There’s still room for plenty of improvement but c’est la vie. I think it’s abundantly clear that the “missing” January event has been repackaged as the “extra” due to the impact Vault weekends have on the gem economy. That’s also not something Kafka will decide by herself. She just gets the distinct pleasure of being the messenger (even if the calendar being “unofficial” was not a great customer service play by any stretch of the imagination).

It all is what it is.


It’s impossible to me to stay after this.
It was the last straw.
Thank you for the amazing 3 years we had.


The willingness to double down despite all existing evidence is nothing short of impressive.
:exploding_head: :zipper_mouth_face: :vulcan_salute:


So what happens to the Bounty weekend that is currently scheduled – and shown in-game! – for this weekend? Does that run alongside the Vault, or is it canceled?


C’mon. Nobody wants another damn fill-in Arena weekend.


Vault events happen each six weeks on average:

The last Vault event was beginning of December. The next two Vault events are currently planned to happen mid February and beginning of March. That’s two Vault events over 12 weeks, or one each six weeks on average, exactly according to the usual schedule.

Could you please explain where you see the third Vault event you keep telling us about? The extra one? By now the hugely disappointing part isn’t that it’s not there, it’s being told over and over again that we are getting compensated with something that doesn’t exist.


Vault Weekends since 2.-4. december 2022 should’ve taken place on the following dates (considering the 6 week schedule):
January 13-15
February 24-26

January 13-15 got canceled sometime before christmas as it vanished from gamefile spoilers. So, by saying wasn’t planned to happen all along makes sense, but the communication of that scenario is just so awkward that a kindergarten child could do better…
Then the players basically got promised one vault weekend “extra” because of the dev-botting during christmas - which didn’t happen yet.
February 10-12 seemingly gets a vault weekend now - which means the overall delay between vault weekends is 4 weeks.

In the near future the players have no real confirmation about any upcoming vault events, at this point just rather meaningless words of a vault weekend “hopefully” happening 2-4 weeks after February 10-12. The problem, as I read the posting, was the already implemented word “hopefully”.
Because, there’s complications. :slight_smile: Vault can’t be run during Kingdom Pass. And what a great coincidence aligning with the “hopefully” and future “we’re incredibly sorry”'s, that the next Kingdom Pass will take place February 20 - March 26. So, the vault weekend delays will be further and further. tbh, the phrasing, allegedly, has some logic. :wink:

I’d be very surprised if any vault event takes places in the 2-4 weeks mentioned. That would be February 24-26 (which would bring us “back on track” or March 03-05 or March 10-12). I need to remind you, we’re still missing the promised “extra” vault weekend.


Given they have said they are not going to run a vault during a kingdom pass unless they run one next weekend then the next vault can’t be until 31/3 given a new pass running 20/2 to 26/3 which would be 7 weeks.


That’s not true, see:

The official stance is that Vault events won’t be run during Kingdom Pass as a favor towards players, so they won’t get overloaded with things to do:

Isn’t it amazing how many extra miles the Gems of War Team is willing to go just to make the community happy?

And yes, the new date for the second vault event is right in the middle of the Vulpacea Kingdom Pass:

So one does have to wonder how long it will take for the next shoe in line to drop.


You’re correct.
I should’ve put my sentence around “won’t”, rather than “can’t”.
I view it the same way, it isn’t that they couldn’t.
:jeans: on :fire:
Outcome = same

just a clownfest
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If you had to move one vault event, why not the one running this weekend? To make it feel “extra” by doing it at the same time as bounty? I don’t get it.

No one wants Arena weekends.

People still like bounty but Arena is terrible.

Your decision making process is very anti player, and you either don’t seem to understand why it feels that way or it’s deliberate.

You could change the former by listening to us.

Also, if you’re sick of the 10th battle crasher complaints
A) hunting 6 in total is more than enough, 3 per stage
B) don’t make any of them harder to get. Doing 30 minutes to 1 hour of tedious grind for one crown is anti player design

Involve the community more.

I understand that we can’t always get what we want, but we’re the ones actually playing your game. If we tell you something is tiring us out you should take immediate actions.

You want to keep your players playing your game (and buying passes), right?

Burning out players is how you get them to stop playing and paying.


A little correction on this: The people, who have real troubles when they stay under the maximum of daily battlecrashers, are those who buy the premium pass and are therefor robbed of rewards. For free players, it’s just the uncertainty, if there will be coming one more after number 9.

Besides that, expect the “extra” Vault, that alledgedly is rumored to happen within the next weeks to be removed, because it would clash with the Kingdom Pass.

At this point, leaving the banned players permanently banned in december would have been more satisfying for BOTH sides.

I’d love to see the numbers for the those who participate in the arena weekend event. I personally use it as a weekend off :+1::joy:


cant see them doing a vault end feb/ early march as we will have kingdom pass up so that going to ,last at least 35 days so thats end of march so 2 in a row would have been better as now we have 1 and a long wait for next and they have addede a arena that not many like