[Known Issue] Incorrect ban

BANNED FOR HACKING despite not cheating


Something seems to have gone wrong with the cheat detection system. This shoould be fixed as soon as possible.


i sure hope so… this is so dumb… in the meantime ill be looking for another game banking on the speed of which they do fix things taking days… maybe ill find something good

Could be related to Kris Krinkle.

This is seriously so dumb, no matter what caused it.


Good luck! :sweat_smile:

I also play another game so I’ll at least have that. And an alt I’m playing. If that doesn’t get banned as well. :roll_eyes:

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So I’ve been checking the GoW official forums… It looks like there’s an absolutely huge mass of users banned automatically for no real reason… The one thing we all seem to have in common is that we’ve been using the new Kris Krinkle troop on our teams after saving up enough Crystals to earn it in the Krinklemass event

WARNING: Play it safe – until they fix it [their site says there’s only a skeleton staff working over the holidays] – DO NOT GET THE KRIS KRINKLE TROOP!!!

Just got banned wtf!


unbanned yesterday… noticed all event currency and campaign points are gone… excellent work dev if you are trying to cause players to quit… the only reason im playing today is that the other game i am playing has an energy system… pull your heads outta your asses and fix this hot garbage damn

Yeah, same thing happened to me.


You could say 1000s of people have been hacked by the automatic banning system. :worried:

After all we lost access to our accounts, have been prevented from playing and lost our in-game resources. That’s exactly what it means to be hacked.

So I demand that the automatic banning system will be banned for hacking us. :angry:

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I’ve been gone for 3 days. If I take that number and multiply it with 1000+ because of all the people that have been banned, that makes a solid 10 year ban for the automatic system. Sounds about right.

week long vault event and no guild wars next week would suit nicely


aside from that this would be (as expected) a bonus for everyone, not those who were effected… i highly doubt they will compensate those who suffered any differently than everyone else who did not. simple logic flows from simple minds.

It did impact the people who knew about it and not banned. we did not play as much as we normally would have. We also had to spend more on sigils to get back the progress that was taken away.


Surely the banned will get something more, hopefully! Firstly everything needs to be fixed. The problem with issue this huge is how do you measure the amount of suffering? I was one of those who had to spend a LOT more time with the game than usually on holidays. Explaining the situation, reading about it, explaining, reading, helping the banned, reading… Then after the unbans you start explaining the damage and reading of course… As it may sound stupid for me to do that while trying to spend time with the people I love, there is also something close to a family in game and I couldn’t leave them in the dark. So yeah, it’s going to be a bit complicated to think of a compensation that would ease everyones suffering… Also I would hate a week long vault event, because I would not have time for it during the week, but would still be very aware about missing a lot. So why not just give the rewards from it without the grind :roll_eyes:


:rofl: I feel for you and the countless others who’ll be in this same boat, but why l find this to be funny? Because guess what my man, their idea of what should be a reward from it would be most likey 100 gems :rofl:

(Nothing against you of course)

But this won’t make a difference leaving it up to them to choose. I don’t hate the devs, but I hate the idea of gems being an Ok thing to band-aid a situation. :rofl:

Drop me a million then maybe I’ll jump for joy :joy: but nope… a lot has been lost :rofl:

(My fault if I’m being stupid)

This may seem like a small problem to some but this is actually a big problem :sweat_smile:

If ya spent money like me, ya don’t want a mess like this happening in the 1st place. :thinking::face_with_spiral_eyes::laughing::rofl:

Like I mentioned, I feel ya and others like ya but please don’t think that’s gonna be a good idea :rofl::rofl::rofl::laughing:

(Have a sense of humor and picture why this made me laugh)

Nothing against ya T, in fact thank you for making my day.


I do approx 44 paloozas on a vault weekend.
So a vault week , il be nice that’s 200 plaoozas.
Averaging 15 vkeys and 2 epic keys.

So without the grind il have 3000 keys and 400 epic keys.

I somehow don’t think il get away without the grind.

Your still in a roundabout way, asking for compensation.
And you know there max is 500 gems. That’s one epic vault key.

sorry to be that guy… the max gem reward form an epic vault is 900 gems


fair point on the amount of work put into everything on those who were not banned, and hopefully the ones who were do get something extra for the inconvenience (at the very least make up for the lost resources and removed event currency/campaign points)

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