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Infernus teams/combinations

I just opened this insane mythic and wonder about good combinations/teams with It. Could you help me posting yours?

Thank you very much.

Go to PvP. I’d say 80% or more of the three trophy teams use Infernus. There’s your start.

I doubt you’ll get the guaranteed match four after the explosion that PvP enemies get, but it should still work in most teams.

It really all depends on what else you have, but one of the most popular teams right now (that doesn’t require any other Mythics) is Diviner, Infernus, Divine Ishbala and Mercy. It is important to note that you have to have Divine Ishbala and Mercy traited out for this team to work.

take a gold key, a glory key, and a gem key, open one chest with each. Put those three troops on a team with infernus. Win.