Infernus team tips

Hi guys, i Just got It infernus from soul forge, and can someone give some tips on good teams using him?

Queen Titania

The first pair can loop red and yellow back and forth. Fill both bottom troops, then with a lot of red on the board you can do heavy damage with QT and keep the turn for Infernus to kill.

Other possibles replace Titania: Goblins, Nobend Bros. Red/Br, keeps turn after effect. Hellcackle, single dmg, Ice goblin for freeze, Rocket gem explode for board setup-usable on corners and edges.
Grapplepot collects excess yellows, AoE.

Blast cannon for silence. Divine ishbala for good mayhem. New jester aimed at skulls for more reds. Zombie dwarf destroys armor, converts green into brown back into alchemist. Gorbils blue to brown.

I go for better extra turns loop teams over mass damage. Titania extras on 13 reds. Hellcat should have little trouble getting connections, and alchemist fuels up infernus. I use Mt crusher/infernus/khorvash/Titania all the time.

Get a hero class that has fireblade to level 100, dragonguard was the one I used

Not bad. Beautiful how everything burns twice.
With fireblade, as feelthebern suggested, it’s impressive skull damage too (160 per hit, ouch). Although no protection then. For pvp Titan is safer.

I usually play safety teams with summoning, to have something as fodder.
And I like Archanean Weaver better in pvp. True damage and webbing. Infernus is fodder for me xD