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Infernus PVP team counters?

I’m currently sitting at level 1140, and increasingly in PVP I get the choice between 3 different Infernus teams, usually with some combination of Divine Ishbaala, Mercy, Diviner, Dawnbringer, Gorgotha and Ubastet rounding out the team. I seem to be having a lot of issues facing them, and am increasingly getting frustrated with PVP as a result. Are there any decent teams out there to counter this kind of setup? My only mythics currently are Worldbreaker and Queen Aurora, but I’ve got almost all of the other troops unlocked and up to either mythic or legendary.

3x rhynax firebomb…your welcome


You can try


Of course it’s not 100% win, if you get a shitty starting board there is not much you can do but if you can match purple or yellow to block mercy from feeding infernus, you only need gorgo or tds to cast and get famine full and hurry up to kill infernus or uba depending of the team

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i fight months with mercy alchemist hellcat titania +2yellow +1red and win 95-98%. i liked the boardcontroll

try it

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As a status effect - web, as an actual counter - speed. Starting with alchemist, moneylender into anything red and/or yellow is awesome.
Try this one, as you mentioned having most troops but mythics.

Queen Titania
Yao Guai
(Bear Banner)