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Post your fastest PvP teams

This week I haven’t too much time por PvP event and want to know your fastest PvP teams and try to finish and get the 750 points.

Thank you very much.

If you are going for 3-trophy, Infernus-Ketras-Ishbaala-Firebomb. After firebomb, cast Ketras first.

If you see a psion, Diviner, Infernus, Ishbaala, Firebomb.

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Mercy Alchemist Hellcat QT.


My fastest PvP team is


One cast and game over. Tends to lose, but it’s fast.



Most my suggestions are probably going to include Infernus, but the key here is basically any high damage troop that can lead into itself or another generator, and being able to do this regardless of the board state is also a plus (which is why Infernus is so good). Troops like TDS, Krystenax, Yao Guai, Titania, Mab, and Kraken are popular here as damage dealers, and accelerators generally include Mercy, Firebomb, Ragnagord, or any of the universal converters or troops that add starting mana to all or part of your mana chain (eg., Ishbaala, Forest Guardian), with secondary generators including stuff like Azura, Fizzbang, Moneylender, the big mana draining spawner troops (Nyx, Florian) and the trolls. Your one objective here is to make them dead before you are dead. If you find yourself having to make concessions on your team for defensive options to just win (unless said concession will also accelerate you, for example, adding in the Mana Shielded Yao Guai to prevent you from being mana drained), you probably aren’t ready for a “speed” team yet, at least not for three trophy. You’ll probably want to go with a powerful “control/loop” team like the one @Jainus suggested - some of them can still be pretty fast and are generally very safe, you just lose a bit of time each game because you can’t cast blindly and occasionally a decent chunk of time when you have to muddle through bad boards.

If you are struggling with the event, you basically want to go into casual PvP and farm the leftmost fight. Just refresh when it is something strong or annoying. The matches won’t be any easier in casual PvP (also, make sure your difficulty is on Normal before you start a fight), but being able to refresh for gold lets you cherry pick easy fights to fill out your quota much, much faster.




Just is the team I’m using now XD

i play this team the whole time and win over 98% of my fights. best time for all without mab und mana drain, then the anti nyx team

Hero with Dragonguard class and Dragonator 8000 weapon

Abyssal banner

Dragon teams are pretty fast, just focus on red/purple and TDS will fill up your troops in a few casts.
Not as effective against troops with freeze.
I guess you could use Sylvanimora or Worldbreaker instead of Hero if you want.

Or use
Fire bomb
Fire bomb

and fight the easiest casual PVP opponent

Need to put ogryn in second slot, otherwise the fire bomb gets the mana before dying.

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Usually 1 Sunbird cast wipes team, didn’t really think about even casting Ogryn, lol