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INFERNO (Rank 74)

Why GUILD INFERNO is #13 now? Not good… #14 is better…


I have a friend above lvl 100 who would like an invite. code is inthemoment for referral. Thanks

i can make an open spot for him. send me his invate code. :wink:

his invite code is inthemoment. Thanks.

Invitation is on the way. ;D

I have question to your rank-infos:
Do i have to contribute 100.000 gold per week to be rank 4 or as sum?

HI, LV 333 here. All map max and very active player. Invite code is WILSON NEO

As a sum. That also counts for all the other contributions. :slight_smile:

you have to leave your guild, bevor i can send you an invitation. ;D

we got an open spot, so… i can invite you whenever you’re ready. :slight_smile:


im lvl 110 and very active,
using Dragon Armor,
looking for an active guild
invitecode: MOONYSON


Invitation is on the way. :wink:


Thanks for holding it, but he has moved on to another guild. so go ahead give it to someone else.

oh. okay. :open_mouth:

Hello my name is legolas im lvl 170 all kingdoms full , always top 10 in pvp ranks
i can contribute 50000k gold a day and 500 trophies week to guild pls invite when there is a spot
my invite code is LEGOLAS_11

Hello Legolas. We got a spot, if you are still interested. ;D

Thx but i joined Anonymous yesterday thhey where recruiting too , i apreacite you get back to my message thow thx alot!!

Hello!I would like to join your guild,im only level 78,but im very active,almost done all questlines,and after that i can do a lot of pvp.My invite code is SARGERAS.Can get 50-100k donation weekly.

@ Sargeras: Invitation is on the way.

Thank you!

Hi i would like to join your guild if you have room. I am level 296 and i normally donate around 500.000 gold and 400-500 thropies. My invite code is Andesen and i am in Blockbusters right now