INFERNO (Rank 74)

INFERNO guild is recruiting!

Hello everyone!

We’re looking for players who agree with this:


  1. have fun
  2. do your best (contribute gold and win trophies as much as you can)
  3. Minimal requirements are: 50 trophies, 50.000 gold, 500 seals per week.
  4. fight at least 20 battles in the guild wars (please try to win)

Breaking the rules:
The first week, you get a warning (name mentioned in the chat) after second week of doing not enough, then sorry, but you’re out.

Task priority: first Blue, then Green, then anything else

If you are interested, please add your invite code.


Hello, i’m interested.
Can give easily a hand improving guild with tasks, level 207 if i remember right.

I’m in a guild at the moment, let me know if and when leave.

We have still 2 open slots. So… ready when you are. ;D

Ok, ready now

Invitation is on its way. :slight_smile:

I would like to join SORA_17

Invitation is on its way. :smile:

and that’s it. all slots are gone… for now. :sunglasses:

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JUST joined thank for the invite

And agian: Two open slots!!!

If you are interested, please add our invite code! :smiley:

EDIT: No more Slots for now. Sorry.

thanks, found a guild now.

Interested Level 422, have all my Kingdoms maxed and looking for a new home. Play daily and contribute often. Invite code piercings76

i have sent you an invitation. welcome to the guild. :smiley:

Mick are you still recruiting?

My invite code is rawkinrex (Shows all caps in game). I generally farm 20 to 40 trophies daily and contribute 2k gold daily to tasks, and currently lvl 51.

Thanks for your time.

yes, we got an open slot. i’ve sent you an invitation. welcome a board. ;D

Damn, just missed it. I am an active player (L 99) and interested. Let me know


Thank you Micki!!! Looking forward to donating trophies and gold to help out.

invitation is sent.

Mick, I have a friend that I normal play games with looking for a guild, name i gothraga. he recently started with Gems of War.

No more Slots for now. Sorry. :wink:

Hi, fox, have fun?