Infernal King part cat?


I’ve had a couple run ins with the royal Infenal King of course triple traited. I believe IK must be part cat because I’ve had to kill the guy 3 times to finally finish the job. We all know cats :cat: have 9 lives perhaps a true coincidence.


I would like to know if cats were sacrificed to make him immortal.


That trait is really good or annoying depending on what side your on lol! The most I have seen him resurrect is four times. He must be at least half-cat. :wink:


I would love to see the video of that. As far as my experience goes, he has hard-coded cap of max 2 resurrects per game. Which means you kill him 3 times. It happened so many times … I’ve never seen him res a single time more though.


Quite possibly. I’ll have a research team made and see if there are any findings. Also aggressive negotiations with my fey team might help. Ps the fey and elves don’t like demons and undead so the winds say.


Is there supposed to be a cap to his resurrection trait or is that your personal experience? Two separate times I killed him four times. A friend of mine said he had to kill the IK 7 times. If there is a cap it’s not working right. :wink:


There is no cap.


I have lived with a few cats… I don’t think they would allow you to sacrifice them but depending on their mood maybe the dog or even a human slave or two :wink:


The most I’ve ever seen him revive in one game was four times. All in one turn. Skull cascades made short work of him and he died all five times in one turn.

THAT was fun.


There is no cap. Seen him resurrect 4 times on PC. 5times on ps4.