Infernal King revived twice in one match? oO


As the title says. Is this supposed to happen? Cause it is super frustrating. If intended, I guess we should talk about making his third trait one time only per battle, like the Broken Maw’s spell - cause it’s nothing you would rely on when using him in PVP cause far too random, but super annoying in a Def-team.


Yes. Infernal King can revive infinitely. That is the whole point of the immortal trait. That is also why I said people will likely troll with 2-3 of him if he had 20% or higher resurrect, and he does. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok I’d like a new feature then:

Give me an option to scout all three opponents right at the “select opponent screen” so I can avoid playing vs teams with IK and/or No_Mercy/Broken Maw and dont have to scout every one after the other. Cheers


@JasonAshcroft You should make another topic for readability :wink:


@JasonAshcroft, Same thing just happened to me, faced a team of IK,IK,IK, War, I killed off all of them then a IK resurrected, killed that one and another one resurrected. It’s too bad that a high level player can’t think of a more inventive team.


That’s pretty inventive!


@Machiknight, On the contrary. Using three of the same troop is not inventive. Repetitive would be more of an accurate description.


It might be inventive in the fact it’s using a team setup that people haven’t used before, however I agree it’s not creative :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess the people that were crying over the excessive use of goblins at the beginning of 1.09, how everyone used them, how it was super lame and super uncreative - are the same people that now use Broken Maw/Mercy/Bone Dragon. Which isnt super lame at all. :wink:


The problem as I am seeing it is that the CPUs IK has a higher chance to get revived than the humans IK.


Oh? Hmm might be worth trying to get some hard numbers on that… I just need to get IK first :confused:


I’ve seen this with a lot of troops ablities, silent one. The ai’s chance of removing silence seems far greater than the human players.


Yeah, its the same with CPUs agile, I was against a hob yesterday, he had agile 5 times a row. Never ever happened to me, not even close.


Most certain sir/mrs.


Sir is correct :wink:

I wasn’t doubting you, just wasn’t aware there was an issue with some of these traits outside of the ghost troop bug. I’ll see if I can test out Agile’s chance at least when I get home this evening.


Note to self.

Silent one
Infernal king

Had to write it down so I wouldn’t forget this deck for Def.


The Agile thing is not needed to be tested, it has already been tested. But feel free if you want to. :slight_smile:


Well I can’t test Silence (i dont think) or Revive. So I figured I’ll test out what I could. The more info the devs have the easier it is to track down the issues.


My experience with Silence is that it last longer when CPU are using it against you, but when you use it against CPU they easier lose the effect. Yeah, feel free to test it. :slight_smile:


Agreed, it has been for a while like that. I had the same problem yesterday. 4 agile in a row. But it could not resist my devour. Chomp chomp.