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Idea for troops that can resurrect

It would be nice if any troops that can resurrect, can only resurrect once.
What I mean, if The Dragon Soul and Infernal King get resurrect once, their Legendary
traits get worned off.

The trait is still pretty powerful as they have a good % to resurrect once.
So many times I have been up against those, and they resurrect 3-4 times.
In that time I could sometimes have finished 2 PvP matches.

A fire-once trait, like a fire-once spell? It would take some randomness out of the game, which I would definitely appreciate. There should be some kind of boost attached to not make this a straight-out nerf though, like the resurrect having a 100% chance to work.

Love that recall bias. 20% is 20%. It’s just noticeable when they revive and you remember the frustration. That, and/or you are personally very unlucky. But it’s still just RNG.

I love how this is all so many of us care about. And note the irony that your avatar and nickname are both the one troop most responsible in the current meta for frustratingly stalling and extending battles. Karma, perhaps?

To get to the point: I disagree. IK is fine as is, once the stun-resurrect bug is fixed. TDS needs a proper unique trait.