Please fix infernal king!

The 3rd card trait is 25% chance to resurrect after dead.
This should be “100% chance to resurrect 3 times in a row”.

Seriously though… this has happened so many times now, it’s not funny any more.
Are you sure there is not a bug in there somewhere?

The chance of him resurrecting 3 times in a row should be like 1 in 64 times. So the chance of that happening to me 3 times over the weekend should be pretty slim. I don’t play that many games…

Imo, it should never happen, as it’s just not fun… it’s just dragging out a fight, boring people to dead.
It would be better if this resurrect stuff got limited to once per game, or just replaced by a chance to spawn another card (that does not have a chance to spawn another card on dead).

Alas, it looks like you just got unlucky. IK almost never respawns on me (Dragon Soul, on the other hand…), so thank you for rolling all the respawns and saving me from dealing with them!

Edit: the idea of resurrection being a one-time trait is interesting, but the chance would have to increase a little bit to compensate.


IK’s third trait is working just fine. It’s the same with TDS’s third trait. Sometimes the RNG just gets streaky and you see the multiple resurrections/possessions in one game.
I’ve seen TDS trigger possession 4 times for an AI teams, but I’ve also had IK’s third trait trigger 2 times for the human player. So IMHO there is no bug here. It’s working as intended. :slight_smile:

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Just wait until Agile at 20% triggers 5 times in a row… Hello 1 in 3000+ chance. YOU WIN!


I’m more worried about the 10% chance of death mark triggering on the very next turn EVERY.GODDAMN.TIME

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After a half dozen Wraith / Bone Dragon matches the other day, I drew a match against a mostly-green deck, headed by a Webspinner. I was salivating at the chance to dominate it.

And then Webspinner filled on 2nd turn with a match-5 and cast.


RNG happens. LOL


There is a great strategic advantage to that psychological threat heheh My highest-performing defense team ever (70%+ win rate) used that ploy. Mediocre team, deadly mind game.

You have to wonder with the number of reports about the AI being more successful with these percentage effects what really is happening in the code.

Stop - think about it, this would be re-used code routine to trigger an effect.

How many of us have had that same success as a player - different routine most likely because we’ve watched order of execution different with AI verses non AI.

Personally as an engineering manager from the past I would start looking at the code and stop blaming stats on RNG.

Just my two cents.

I agree, a prime example of this was an explore match i played this week.

I bumped into The Dragon Soul in a team and killed them as you normally would, only for The Dragon Soul to be the last troop alive, i ended up killing it only for it to respawn via possession, so whats the problem you might ask?

Well The Dragon Soul didnt have any traits, work that one out lol

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I just played someone with a hero with a 15% chance to kill on skull damage combined with a bone dragon.
He cast the bone dragon, and my first 3 people died, while the hero was entangled, so 0 attack.

So first of all I’m guessing I’m just unlucky again, as it’s a 1 in 350 chance of this occurring.
And second of all, the enemy is entangled… he has 0 attack.

Now I understand that critical hits still do some attack, even when a mob is entangled.
But the 3rd guy in my party got hit, was only hit by 3 skulls… So he got hit with 0 attack, which is nu skull damage, yet he still died to a triggered effect ON skull damage?

That has to be a bug…
EDIT: I created a separate topic for this issue, as this actually seems like a bug, not just bad luck.

No, you don’t. Recall bias is here to stay.

Well that’s a bug. And odd.

The BD / insta-kill effect is due to a bug in how the game handles multiple skull matches. Same happens with Courage’s trait, hence the ‘BD gives all allies +50 Attack and Life’ meta we see now,

The trait still rolls when entangled - yes known issue - unclear if deliberate or not. Some say ‘when I match skulls’ which’d still work if entangled, but some say ‘on attack’ which shouldn’t work, but sometimes do.

They’ve done better than that, they’ve run extensive test scripts to emulate a player going against the AI. “Luck” was slightly in favor of the player, within reasonable distribution randomness.

I like to rage about the AI getting lucky, especially multiple times in a row. I’m very convinced I’m getting the same amount of luck though, it just sticks less in memory. When in rage mode, I’ll definitely blame RNG, that’s the whole point of raging. For some players, rage mode lasts a very long time.

the test was done mostly about gem drops and gem matches not the rng proc of spell effects if i am correct (not sure)

but i still think that this is just recall bias not programming error

yes we dont know is the effect intended and just description wrong, or is effect bugged on when it should occur but either way - something is wrong weather just text (minor issue) or the effect itself (more complicated bug)