Infernal King spawning multiple copies when using multiple


Screenshot or image:


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Infernal king should have had a 25% chance to respawn yet multiple copies respawned.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

When using multiple copies. First noticed yesterday by someone else. I said I would test to try and recreate. Seems to only happen with multiple copies.

Steps to make it happen again

Fight a team using multiple infernal kings (3 and a firebomb for example). Kill as often as needed.


Can you elaborate what’s happening? When one dies, they all respawn? Or do they summon new copies of themselves?

I believe the trait on all copies are triggering. So there is a 25% chance * however many copies there are.

So if you have 2 and 1 dies. You have a chance to summon 2 at 25% each.

If true, this should really show up against a team of four IKs. The odds that all four traits would fail to trigger is 31%, meaning that killing the top IK should spawn a replacement ~70% of the time, not 25% like you’d expect.

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Agreed: tested 4 battles (vs 3 IK + 1 Copycat, since I don’t have a 4th IK)

First 2 battles I used standard Scorpius approach for kills, no IK spawn in either battle

Last 2 battles tested with EoE so the IK that was being killed would also be stunned to test for spawns: no spawns

Given the above extensive investigation, some more visual evidence may be useful in this case

I played dozens of fights and recreated it a couple of times. I suppose it isnt the traits now that I consider the numbers with 4. I am just unsure what could cause it. It is possible it could happen with a single infernal king I just never saw it in any of my tests.

If you can get it to happen semi-regularly, please record a video. That will definitely help to clear things up, even if you submit it directly to the devs rather than posting on the forums for all to see.


It happened to me versus one Infernal King on the final level of a pet rescue. I assume that the trait has become bugged in the last patch.

Slightly different theory, the summoned Infernal King inherits the death trigger of the original Infernal King, so only the summoned one is able to possibly spawn two on death. Has anybody seen an original Infernal King summoning more than one replacement on death?

Talked to several people who have had it during pet rescue. It seems to work with only 1 copy though I have better luck recreating it facing multiple.

Are you able to record it or take before and after screenshots?

This took entirely too long to figure out how to capture. Took most of the day but I finally got one.

Still dont know the cause. shrug


They’re multiplying! Thanks.

It happened to me again. I also managed to capture it in a video.


That’s hardly a bug. Traits do always stack (take multiple Lust for example, kill one of her troops, all Lusts will charm you; take Gobtruffle’s disease on match 4/5 trait, etc etc), so it’d logical that IKs traits do stack.
And as is same base troop involved, if you kill it, all the copies will respond. If you kill an Infernal King, all the (stacked) traits that act on Infernal King’s death kick in simultaneously.

Should be same for all do X on death traits on multiple copies.
Anyone wanna test it with multiple TDS or Dragon Eggs? :grin:

In Spectrum’s video, it goes from 1 to 2. There isn’t any trait stacking in that one?


That simply isnt true. There are many instances of traits that either dont stack or effect only the specific troop.

Several people have reported it happening in a pet rescue and we have video of it with there only being 1 as well so stacking traits wouldnt matter.

My best guess is that the newly-spawned IK troop is being checked for a trait roll when it shouldn’t, because it didn’t exist when the enemy troop died. If so, I’d call that a bug.

If your argument were true, then every “…when this troop takes damage” trigger would have to stack for multiple copies.

Lust says “when an ally dies”. That means any troop, which includes another Lust. Gobtruffle’s trigger is “on 4/5 matches”, that is not specific to a troop.

Infernal King’s trait isn’t worded very specifically so it doesn’t exclude the possibility with language, but then we have another issue: other people have tried to reproduce this and the behavior is not consistent (though we have to acknowledge there’s a 25% probability here and the RNG is not trustworthy.)