[Fixed] Infernal King is ridicuously broken

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, Android
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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Doing Explore12 in Blighted Lands. I kill an Infernal King. It comes back. I kill it again, it comes back. I kill it a third time, and it comes back twice: now there are two Infernal Kings. I kill the first one, no respawn, thank god, then I kill the second one, and it comes back.

Infernal Kings when they respawn from third trait shouldn’t be spawning additional copies that can also respawn (I mean, obviously it can, it’s respawning and has the full traits, but the second copy never should have spawned anyway).

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Well, I don’t know…

Steps to make it happen again
Get unlucky?


Two other threads in the last couple of weeks about this same issue. I suspect the devs are leaving it unfixed on purpose just to see how many people will open new threads without actually searching first, and then having a chuckle.

It is confirmed and on the list of known issues.

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I’ve noticed this happening in about the last 2 months whereas previously multiple copies never appeared. Surely you can only resurrect if you are dead, nothing in the spell suggests you may produce twins lol. But it can be annoying for sure.

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Maybe this is what makes some people think he sometimes spawns too many times in succession, if there are actually times when he has two chances (depending on troop position).

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Did TDS ever spawn duplicates? Hmm…

This is from a pet rescue fight. I had heard of this issue, but hadn’t encountered it until today. Killed IK, he respawned. Killed him the second time and two of them respawned. The multiples only seem to occur if he respawns more than once.


I feel it could be resolved by simply adding a restriction to the respawn ability that, the third summon spawns an untraited troop.

If it helps, these are screens from a guild mate.

The issue still persists.

Tbh I think there’s something with this and summons in general since 4.6. The clear problems with Harpy, Bandit seems to appear more imho.

Has anyone noticed their Infernal King spawn a duplicate on their own team?

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Yup…I am waiting for harpy to be fixed b4 I attempt lvl 300 pure. Last time it took 3 hours in the final room and I lost. Harpies just never stop spawning. 5%? Never. Plus a spawned harpy should reflect the current stats of the spawner and not be a shiny new full stat troop. Pure shite.

Just an unofficial update. Hoping both the Infernal King and Harpy issues will be fixed next update however the fix is still in testing due to the holiday period so I’m not officially marking this issue as fixed in the next update until the fix is verified.