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Infernal King Bug (What's Wrong With This Picture?)

So I found a bug just now regarding Infernal King, I killed off the King and he Resurrected, no big deal, the then matched skulls on the board to deal damage to my lead troop (Valkyrie) see if you can spot the woopsy daisy bug here here’s a hint (I haven’t done anything on my turn yet, and the Infernal King just matched skulls after reviving (he is fully traited)

@Nimhain, @Sirrian, see if you can spot it

Answer: How is Valkyrie not Burned?

Has anyone else encountered this?

No burning from Aflame trait?

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Yep @Drathas that would be what’s wrong

You’re not the first to report this. Resurrected IK sometimes doesn’t have his traits (can see it with Fireproof too).


It’s not only IK, it’s all summoned troops that sometimes doesn’t get their traits active.
I once played Dokkalfar and summoned a Giant Spider, it appeared with all its traits, yet “Big” and “Magic Link” never activated

It’s not the only bug on Infernal King.
I noticed, that even a stunned IK uses the imortal trait. ;D

That’s because Immortal triggers after death and dead Troops have no buffs/debuffs

… And is a known issue devs are aware of.