Incremental scouting

At 50g scouting is quite expensive these days. (It would have been okay a month ago when gold was plentiful and useless then in a blink we need a mil or 2 to level our towns…)

So I guess many people just leave that button alone like me.

However it could be improved in a simple way. Let us pay less for less info. Say for 10g it tells me just the colors (i.e G/P G/P B/Y G/P – guess the team?). Then you can decide to pay more to reveal card names, even more to get full stats.

IMO that’s more strategy, more fun.

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I do not scout, as I only play normal difficulty. But what you are suggesting makes sense.

It kinda makes sence like Imp-chan says but then again, I dont know about 50g being too much…

I currently don’t scout, as no need to dodge 4x Webspinner teams any more…

Personally not sure the OP suggestion adds much and could be a pain to code, sorry!

That’s because you attacked my poor undead army instead!

You put it out there… it’s gonna get slapped :smiley:

If it’s any comfort, defeating you didn’t scratch my armour or bruise my troops at all… :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s ok, retaliation was equally swift and brutal :stuck_out_tongue: