My very first match against Deathknight class

It was a good match until…


That just sucks… sorry you had to go through that.

It seems to fit right into the “you need a different invade team for every opponent”, which is forced upon us a little to much lately. You either need to silence him before you kill him, or invade with an immune team.

i think you meant stun


I dont see a problem with needing different invade teams. This is supposed to be strategy game. Strategy should imply planing and doing the right action in adequate sitation. Picking a right team to counter the enemy team sounds like that.
Omnipotent teams shouldn’t exist.


I did, sorry :slight_smile:

Could have done without the ‘now you’ve f-ed up’ background noise …


If you can see the team before the fight…
cough cough Guild Wars


Same, that was unnecessary imo.

You can always see the team before the fight - you just either have to pay gold before every match or spend some real $$$ to get free scouting.

No, we will not be able to scout Guild Wars battles.

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@DonBoba wasn’t talking about Guild Wars. He was talking about PVP.

Guild Wars uses a completely different team selection mechanic. Unless you’re going to completely ignore all of the bonuses for colors and the like, you’re not going to be changing your invade team on the fly, which means scouting is useless anyway.

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You can have several teams of troops using one same color that can be good versus one team or another.
So according to the defense team, you should be able to tweak your invade team even if you want the color bonus.

And I’m not sure how much players will go for teams with x4 troops of the same color.


Where did a dev say that you can’t scout defense teams in Guild Wars? Does someone have a quote?

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Oops, I guess @turintuor said you can’t scout in GW. :flushed:

Wait… You can scout in guild wars?! I thought (assumed) that you couldn’t.

I assumed that if the devs were going to change such a commonplace aspect of fights that they would explicitly say that scouting won’t be allowed in Guild Wars.

Scouting is a part of strategy afterall. So, that would be a very significant change.


Paging @Saltypatra, can you please confirm whether we can scout in guild wars battles? We didn’t get to see the battle screen in any of the previews.



goos to see Deathlnight class maybe useful in an extremely small percentage (>1%) of battles.

Scout and change your team as appropriate, then stop complaining.

I think that scout will make battles super easy because of the paper-rock-scissor system.
And there was no icon of it in all the screenshots that Sirrian gave to us.

So why assuming that we could scout?

They did mention in, I think in either the final sneak peek or in the round-up collated by @MakoSipper.

I’m too lazy to find it though … :slight_smile:

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