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Free scouting issue

Since unlocking free scouting, enemy troops in explore no longer refresh when returning to kingdom view. This dramatically slows hunting for event points. A refresh button (even with 50 gold cost) should at least be added, otherwise free scouting is a horrid ‘bonus.’

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Battles don’t change just by exiting the fight screen and clicking again. You have to either open a key (any key) or go to your Guild screen or play any other battle.

And this, in my opinion, is an issue in the game that needs fixing.

Another option is to have more than one kingdom in mind for the hunt. When one doesn’t give you what you want . . . jump to the next and then back again. Once the team is set in the kingdom it doesn’t “re-roll” the choice which is the same as the pvp selection screens as well. Adapt and overcome. :smile:


Or whine and complain and hope what seems like a small fix can be easily implemented! :wink:

Just start and retreat the battle. It results in a small time penalty. No stress. Good luck.

I don’t think it worked the way you’re describing before.

A small time penalty seems an odd reward for supporting the game… Not a big issue, just a small irritation that I assume is easily fixable.

Before, if you scouted at enemy in explore, you could click back to the main kingdom screen, click on explore again, press scout again and there would be a new different enemy. Much faster than starting the battle over and over, on Android at least.

Alternatively, checking your mail will force a new opposing explore team to generate. This might be faster. Not sure.

Hey this isn’t considered a bug. But I’ve made a note of your feedback.

I’ll move this thread out to the feedback section now though so it doesn’t get mixed in with the big reports.

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I feel like I’m getting punked…


:joy: let’s just rename the section, we’re not wrong, everyone else is!