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Incentive for defense

Simple and no changes to PvP points system.

Encourage players to possibly spend money to get a good defense going.

If you finish top 1000 or better (currently there is no rewards if you finish worst then top 1000 ;[ ) and have a record of 40% win or better for your defense then you receive DOUBLE the PvP reward.

The problem with that is it is near impossible for late game players to get a high defense win rate. Pretty much everyone in late game is fully traited mythics with most kingdoms at 5 stars using the same couple dozen meta teams.


Er… just no…

No defence team is that good on defence, given (1) the AI is terrible and (2) the invading player can pick a team to counter the defender…

This could only encourage players to stick the cheesiest Maw team they can find on defence, if they didn’t already…


Yeah I agree with everyone else. In pvp you want everyone to be hit in fairness. Trying to incentivize the wrong behavior really.

I’m ecstatic that my defense wins around 25%

There is 8 out of top 20 that has 40%+ win rate defense.

Number of level 1,000s with 40%+ win rate on defend in the current top 100 = 0

Level 1,000s are barely even at 25% win rate on defends due to how different the late game is from earlier leveling.


You already get reward for winning defense battle so no need to increase it any further especially in some weird way.

Sure and if your level 1000 you’re not going to spend any money in this game anytime soon.

And to be honest the top players make sure to get paired with opponent #3 that gives 50+ PvP pts Everytime by putting a troll defense. Part of this incentive was to stop that.

Have you noticed that your randomly paired based on your defense power lvl regardless of what your invade team is ?

If the players who already have everything can’t field a defense team that wins reliably, how would increasing the incentive for defense wins encourage players to spend money?


There is already incentive to get victories on revenges, why would they implement something that rewards you for doing nothing?


really? i dont think that statement is accurate. i havent been in a position to buy anything, but im looking for a new job and once i get it, ill be spending money on the game. i like to support the devs. (right now im 996)


I agreewith @kzintiwife. I’ve been vip10 for a while and still spend money on the game on a regular basis. Mainly for the traitstone packs but still . . .

Edit : and level 1000