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In-purchase doesn't made any different

Bought about $350 and I still find it impossible to win with your troups with so high spec.
I have upgrade all my troups to the highest level and even bought weapon upgrade pack but it doesn’t made any difference.

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There are things in game that you have to play for them. They game doesnt really have a catch up mechanic


If u dont understand the Game mechanics u can pay thousands of dollars and u will lose.

Thank god! :innocent:


How can I overcome these as the opponents have very super epic attack and defense.


you need to up your kingdom level,each kingdom lvl 10 give you 1 bonus stats
an active guild also give stats bonus


Thanks for your tips

It’s really also a lot about learning which troops work well together and how to pilot them. Things like temporarily disabling dangerous troops, intentionally holding back spells or granting your opponent a skull match can give a you huge advantage under the right conditions. Weekly events usually has players going against level 500 troops, using level 20 teams, and those players still tend to win 99% of their games.

Thanks for the info.

You need to find a guild with members that know how to play.
Match 3 is fun, and I’ve played this game about 4 years daily and have no plan on stopping.

Thanks. I just join the guild.