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Confused. Too much to learn and do

Ok I have been playing for a while but still have so much to learn. I am so confused. Here is what I am doing. I’m lvl 122, I belong to a guild ( I am still confuse on how to choose one) my currently guild complete task but during raids we never close the portal, I think we only get as far as portal 6. Anywho, my main confusion though is leveling kingdoms and how to do it right to gain stars and add on. I mainly give money to guild for task and I only have about 4 kingdoms at lvl 10. I don’t have a lot of souls and money and gems all the time. I would like some guidance from all that undestand the game more. TIA

First, stop giving gold to your guild until you have all of your kingdoms at level 10. Getting them to level 10 gives you bonus to your stats. You gain stars in your kingdoms by using souls and traitstones to level the troops in those kingdoms. Some people try and get all kingdoms to 3 stars to help get better tributes rolling in, but in the long run you want them all at 5 star or above if you can manage it. Getting to 5 stars doubles the power gained from getting it to level 10. To help with these events, you can see what event is coming up next, and work on troops from that kingdom/troop type.


Don’t worry - you’re doing fine and it takes hundreds of hours of play to progress to the point where you can feel like you don’t have too many things to do. It is also normal that your Guild won’t finish all of the raids and invasion rewards. Those rewards are tuned for the most powerful guilds - just invest the time you can devote to it and don’t spend a lot of gems in the raid and invade shops.

If you have several kingdoms to level 10 already, you’re making good progress. That should be the first priority for the gold you earn. Personally, I think contributing something to your Guild while you level your kingdoms is a good thing to do, but you should spend more than half of the gold you earn on your own kingdoms (and maybe much more than half).

It is most effective to level all your kingdoms to about level 5 or 6 and then choose which ones you will level up to 10 one at a time. Most people would suggest the kingdoms that have a magic bonus first, followed by attack.


The advice given above is very good.

As a way to help our team is working on tutorials and content to guide our newer players. We hope to have this available in the near future. :hearts:


If you’re not watching @Tacet the Terror’s videos on Youtube already, you should consider it. He has a lot of content, much of it aimed at newbies.


Thanks everyone for the input. I love this game. So much to do. Oh, thanks for the tips about Gems in raid and invasion because that’s were I spent my gems. What’s the best thing to spend it on. I bought a $500 armor for the leader a while back.

The 500 gem armors (Dragon or Celestial) are both very good investments and the first things you should spend gems on. Once you have those, don’t spend any more gems on armor. The only armor that is better than either of those is the Death Knight armor, which costs $50 US (or the equivalent).

I think the best thing to do with your gems is save them up until you have enough to purchase packs of 50 gem keys. This will give you the best chance at unlocking Legendary troops. You can also use gems to purchase event chests, but these give a very limited range of troops based on the weekly Kingdom (and they change every week). Because they cost more gems per key, it is best to only use these when you are really interested in one or more of the Legendary troops from this week’s kingdom. For example, using event chests this week would give you a chance at getting Goblin King or Queen Grapplepot. Gem chests would give you an equal chance of every Legendary card in the game and cost less gems per key.

Keep opening any glory and gold chests you get in the meantime.


Wow Stan, thanks
Didn’t know that about Gem chest. Never thought about using them for chest. :+1:t5::blush:

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Use your glory for the weekly shop sales… You get much needed arcane stones and a couple glory keys as well. Much better use of glory than to open 15 or 20 chests. Plus you’ll probably be able to ascend the card you’re buying to mythic as well if you’re decently active.


Welcome to the forums/game @Ksewell :slight_smile: I know it can be a bit overwhelming but you’ll pick it up. If you have a guild I am sure they will be willing to explain some things to you, or anyone in global or on the forums.

We do have some help center content on the forums which outlines some more basic gameplay knowledge. Some of it is outdated but you might find some useful. I hope to eventually update this, and make the help center look prettier…

Some of the more popular articles and info on new features is up to date (e.g. Raids, guilds and there’s an article on getting a mythic).


Event chest - Mythics belonging to the Event Kingdom or newly released Mythics can be earned

That’s from the how can I get a mythic article. What do you mean by newly released mythics can be earned from event chests?

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I think when they release a new mythic, only that mythic will drop for a week from gem, glory or guild chests. I think event keys still drop the event kingdom’s troops though (and that mythic if it belongs to the event kingdom).

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First thing you need now is gold. What kingdoms did you level to 10? You need magic kingdoms first (Zhul Kari, Silverglade, Darkstone, Blighted Lands and Karakoth). This will speed up your PvP battles (most of the troops’ damage is based on magic. However, there’re certain viable troops that do damage boosted by their armor or health (Bombot, Rowanne, Sunbird).

Back when I was starting, I was using Deep Borer Bombot Bombot Mechanist Class Hero with Mang to quickly wreck through PvP and gain large amount of gold (mechanist’s final trait allows you to start Bombots with half mana). And explore, Bombot were very useful for quick exploring (Elspeth, Bombot, Bombot, Mechanist with brown weapon). Until Sunbird and Firebomb were introduced, that is to say. No wonder I was investing all my resources in armor kingdoms.

Souls. These are your next priority. Actually, if you have enough troops on your magic kingdoms (at least 12 in a single kingdom), you should farm souls and level troops from these kingdoms to gain 5 stars. This will give you additional magic points, which will further boost your gold/hour and soul/hour ratios.
Remember, don’t overspend your souls. New players often mistakenly invest precious souls and traitstones in wrong troops. Check out Tacet’s channel on YouTube, other players will give you useful team compositions.

Link your account to gowdb.com and share it here. This will allow us to see the troops you have, levels, traits, everything. And we will recommend you certain strong decks based off of what you own.

To sum it up:

  1. Find fast PvP gold farming team;
  2. Level your magic kingdoms to 10;
  3. Find an active decent guild, if you’re not already in one (the most crucial part);
  4. Find a decent soul farming team (Tacet on Youtube);
  5. 5 star your magic kingdoms;
  6. Level all your others kingdoms to 10;
  7. 5 star your kingdoms, starting from 12+ troops. If you only own 7-9 troops from a certain kingdom, don’t bother with it.

Omg netwizard
Thanks. Never knew about the upgrading the magic kingdoms first. Right now I am farming for souls and plan to farm for cash. That’s how I am planing my week. You are so right about wasting souls on troops. I am always wasting resource on the wrong thing. I have a good farm team: TDS and 3 warlock. I didn’t know about farming them best in my lvl 10 kingdoms. I will check the above kingdoms above and see if they are lvl 10. Can you suggest a good gold farming team and the best places to farm? I will check out the website you suggest above too.
Thanks again

You have TDS, this is very nice. Do you have Celestial Armor? It’s very good for soul farming. Just remember to equip it before you farm souls (this will give you more souls, but less gold), AND unequip it when you’re going for gold.

For soul farming go to Divinions Field Scout Pary challenge, it’s the weakiest enemy team in the game.
You can also run TDS, Aziris, Aziris, Aziris team. Aziris has both Necromancy and Purple Link traits, however, he is an Epic, hard to obtain and hard to fully trait. Check out Pan’s Vale Sonata challenge. Sylvasi and Banshee both create purples and reds, and since Aziris and TDS use purple and red, Siren will create purple and red too.
EDIT: Usually you will find yourself in situations with little or no purple and red gems on the board, and this will slow you down a lot. With this challenge, however, your TDS will never starve (provided you run TDS Aziris team).

This week’s event troop Gorbil gives 400 extra gold if used in PvP or explore. He’s too weak for PvP, but can be used in explore. Sunbird, Rowanne, Firebomb, Gorbil.
But you don’t have many kingdoms at level 10, Sunbird and Rowanne’s damage are both boosted by health and armor. Ideally, it takes 5-20 seconds to get 450 gold (+400 extra), very fast gold and traitstones.


You are correct! This is usually outlined in the Events/News articles. i will see if I can grab a screenshot next time to add it to the article.

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That’s the way it has been since I have started playing but the article confused me. I think they should cut out the bit about newly released mythics can be earned from event chests incase people get confused and spend event keys during the exclusive week.

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I linked my acct to bowgo. How do I share it here? Do I create a thread?


You can just post it here I guess.