In need of more direction!

When I, myself became active in Gems of War I wanted to become better, and seek further knowledge about the game, and what better place to do that… than the forums?

Well, I did just that… I went to google; typed in Gems of war forums… This was my top result: Gems of War | Forums

With 6 sub-options. making it look very much like an active site… Upon reaching the archived forums, you are greeted with outdated posts (of course we moved to the community) dated back 6-7 months. A quick back and research would do wonders and direct you straight to the community forums… but why would you… THIS IS THE FORUMS you were seeking.

Done with the prelude I am, now onto the clone wars we are.

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(⌐■_■), Thanks @Sirrian

Onto the main point here, we have an archived forum but for people to sift through old information… almost all of it being completely outdated and irrelevant to current gameplay. Can we do something to bring in our friends that want to find our the first time?

It is so hard to find information relevant to anything you want for gems of war through a google search… most searches leading to steam boards, or the old forums. I believe it should be put on some sort of priority list to try and further the growth of the forums, as it helps further the growth of the game.

I’m not even going to try and imply what the devs should or shouldn’t do with their time, and I do believe in their work, and enjoy the feedback that we as a community receive… being one of the highest dev>community relations i have seen since… games in 1998-2002. I just found it my responsibility, if they work so hard for us, let me bring to attention an area I feel is pertinent to our growth.

Thanks for your time, you guys are amazing at what you do ^.^

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Thanks for that, Teddy.
I appreciate that insight… I hadn’t actually considered this much!
We’ll give it some thought as to what we can do… I think the wiki is a good start for keeping current data
But you’re right… we DO need to be shepherding people in the right directions.


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Your haste is with much merit. I’m just glad I can do something to help, as I enjoy this game thoroughly I want to see it grow into something as big as Hearthstone.

@Teddy, what were you looking for?

Is it something we can add on the WIKI?
Gems of War Wikia | Fandom

I don’t think anything you can control @MrSammy , I was speaking in relations to herding in the right directions, as @Sirrian said. The Dev’s have more control over this though, as the archived forums will come up in google searches… so a simple header “This is old, go here for new content” (but much prettier) will cause some positive traction, but i want to leave the resolution to the dev team. My goal was to bring it to their attention that it is a problem… because

There is one problem with the wiki… and it goes hand in hand with the OP here… It’s un-searchable by google. typing in “gems of war wiki” will not yield you to the wonderful wiki you have created… and it’s a shame… Maybe this will fix when the wiki you’ve created gets more hits… But that’s a problem too… How?

I’m not a developer, nor a coder, and I definitely don’t have any ideas on how to attract eyes in one direction or the other.

Start with altering the old forum site template so it has ARCHIVED OLD SITE in big letters and point to the current one in a way really hard to overlook.

Thanks for the old forum @teddy… Made me remember the good old times:
Gems of War | Forums


Tehe… No problem ^.^;