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4.1 Patch Notes

A search engine for when it comes to looking for a Guild, instead of refreshing the page and hoping the one you’re looking for turns up!

Ability to create user friendly profiles! World chat on the bottom of the map so we can meet other players besides the ones in our guild. It could have a tab so when you clicked on it, it disappeared from the map and didn’t interfere with gameplay.

Private messaging so we can talk to friends and family who also play with us .

I know in our guild we lost players and I thought “If there was a messaging feature I could have kept in touch” etc.

Hopefully this makes sense because it’s 4:18 am here and I feel tired. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Are there posting guidelines for this section?
Should every idea be posted in its own thread or should people who have loads of them collect them and organize them in comprehensive idea depositories?


This seems to be an archived post I have a suggestion for a future trait on mystics or elemental troops how about a reflect counter against devour so devour is cast on a troop then the new trait reflect devour- what happens it’s blocked and then that troop or targeted troop summons or transforms into a devour troop and immediately devours the troop that cast so it’s like devour the devourer


How about if we get VIP only mythic and Legendary cards. Like how you have the ‘Path Of Glory’ when you get a certain level you get certain things but in VIP form. Only VIP members can get these cards.


The abitity to look into another guilds stats and players level’s


Exporable dungeons and exsplore modes like on puzzle quest 2


Random chest drops in the above mentioned modes


Replayable questlines with legendary and mythic chest drops


Non restricted guildwars where everyone that put in the efforts has chance to be 1st no brackets. and a full leaderboard wipe


A restriction on removing and re adding same players to increase trophies top guilds temporarily remove members that are offline to temporarily recruit online players to increase production this is not fair to lower guilds


A all troops slots machine where you then pick one for arena.


A lobby for live action pvp using coin flip or rock paper scissors to decide who goes first


A feature where players can do battles to search for relics to upgrade the effects of the guild towers


A way to upgrade lover and major traitstones into higher versions maybe at soulforge


Kingdom effects that effect both offensive and defensive sides like Burn and Poison ect. which can be activated at a certain kingdom star level


Example Mist of scales would have poison in effect after 5 turns effects all. Except immune


A abitity to use gems or glory to purchase and place additional status traps in home kingdom that can be set to trigger after so many turns


Implementing a trait that has limited uses for neutrlizing set traps preventing them from triggering


Hero perks that can be selected and changed at anytime outside battle