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Explore could have an endless mode, just to farm merchants and angels, there, you could remove genie and daemon and only place troops that could be defeated with 3x Ironhawk and Dust Devil.


My singular biggest feedback: less “radio silence” on feedback threads generally.

And yes, I am aware this is all but an impossible request.

We’re not privy to the actual discussions where game design decisions are made. And it’s hard to scan for worthwhile topics from a distance.

But while the Bug Reports forum tends to be frequently reviewed (even if only to sort topics by manually tagging the subject line), the VAST majority of feedback topics (I want to say 99%) never show any signs of being read/visited the CX team at all, let alone any mention of the idea getting noted for the next internal discussion amongst the dev team.

And yes, I’m aware there are only so many times you can type up a reply before you start falling back on rote responses and vague platitudes. And, when something is indeed being discussed/implemented on the dev side, there is (by necessity) not much the CX can really disclose about it in advance of a planned official announcement.

Still, because the CX team is the only connection between players and “the devs”, our experience is, inevitably, that the lack of visible response from a CX does correlate with a lack of the design team actually considering any player feedback at all.


Hey, you may have noticed how much we’re engaging in the PVP and Guild Wars feedback lately - this is the direction we’re heading in regarding communication about feedback - as time permits.

I recently found this blog post from a game dev (who doesn’t work for us - so this is a generalisation) that explains some of the difficulties:

He’s talking about the dev cycle for the game he works on so when he refers to “Patch C” you can probably assume for GoW that’s at least ‘Patch E’ for most feedback requests if a request can fall into an x.something update and doesn’t need to be in an x.0 major update.

We’re working on promoting more transparency in the dev process and decisions made where reasonably possible and we’ve been spending more time responding to feedback than previously hand in hand with that improved transparency. That time did have to come from somewhere though and I personally need to back off a bit on the forum to sort out other tasks which is why I’ve been quieter this week compared to last week.

Regarding the endless explore and winning in 3 seconds only making 1 move, this is about farming rewards without playing the game and it’s an easy no sorry.
Not playing the game and just grinding mass rewards that way is not healthy for the game’s longevity.


Angels, Merchants and Troops for Gems offer post arena completion: With each item offered show how many are owned within a player’s inventory already. I shouldn’t have to be tracking pet food and deeds externally, let me know how many I own in-game so I can make an informed choice. And I shouldn’t have to gamble Gems for 5 troops when I only really needed 1 to ascend.

XP, Gold and Soul Boost: Make them into a consumable that can be activated at any time, in any quantity. Otherwise I just leave them in sitting in my mail until I feel like sitting there for an hour within the 7 days I have.

Pet Gnome Monolith: Once defeated the odds of finding a Pet Gnome are increased. Ever since Underspire released I’ve had some real barren streaks with these guys… and now with PvP in its current state it’s even more unpleasant farming for hours for nothing. Arena isn’t much better.

Mayhaps you were looking for those to go in their own thread, I don’t know… Oh, and a faction’s weapon counts towards its pure faction. Thanks, byeeeeeee. :blush:

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I feel this one in my bones. I really want this too. This is the sort of request that is easier to say yes to because it’s a UI/Usability request so hopefully we can have a positive outcome with this one.

We are looking at allowing PVP Goals to be collected individually so that you can pick up a booster when you’re ready to use it.

I will ask the team to consider this, or another way to boost Pet Gnome appearance rates specifically. As this would impact the game economy, I don’t think I can give you a definitive answer and it would be a long term consideration most likely. So it will be on the list but I am unlikely to have updates in the short term.


i think the current 7 pvp talisman aren’t that useful. maybe if you included more options similar to the traps from the dungeons:

-freeze talisman, freeze all enemies at the start of battle
-silence talisman, silences all enemies at the start of battle
-stun talisman, stun all enemies at the start of battle

these 3 alone would change up some of the meta, give everyone options to counter strong teams and give more reason to farm silver marks.


I would say these are super OP, but when it’s for a one-time use in PvP… :thinking: