Devs: Unpin the Wiki from the Forums!

The Gems of War Fandom Wiki is an absolute pain to use. The information that is available is rarely relevant or accurate, and updates don’t get added until far after they come out. That’s not all; it’s also plastered with annoying advertisements, and is completely unusable on mobile phones (probably the game’s primary market!). No avid player uses it as a resource, and any beginner who enters leaves more confused than when they started.

And yet, users who aren’t logged into the forums can see a link to it advertised to them right at the top of the forums!

The forum thread linking to it should be archived, and a new Community Resources megathread should replace it. This could include links to the following:

  • The community Discord server
  • The subreddit
  • Popular forum threads like the Beginner Guide one
  • Popular and helpful YouTube channels like KeyLime or Tacet
  • Game databases like GoWDB and Taran’s World

These would be much more useful than the wiki, which hasn’t seen pages added for new troops since at LEAST January, probably much farther.


I found it difficult to learn how to search threads when I first joined.

Other links could include the ‘best mythic/legendary/epic’ troop discussions and the delve megathread. Those might be helpful to players new to the forums.