Gems of War needs a Gamepedia, and it needs it badly

The Gems of War is rife with misinformation, and few guides on how to play the game that are newer than a year old even exist.

Drastic swaths of the game, from hero classes to the UI, have drastically changed, to the point where the game is unrecognizable.

The Gems of War wiki linked at the top of the forums is so disgustingly out of date that it has become actively harmful with its misinformation, and even the resources in the /r/GemsOfWar subreddit sidebar are from versions of the game as old as January 2016.

Gamepedia is a relatively new platform, created by Curse (who currently also run Twitch) that allows developers to work with content creators to create official wikis for their games. It is used by popular games such as Minecraft and Dota 2 to create hubs for video game resources with high production value.

Such a page currently does not exist for Gems of War, and creating one requires direct contact with Curse from the developers, but once it is established, the community would certainly be willing to help support, moderate, and maintain it as a valuable resource to new players. I’d definitely be willing to write several pages!

With the need for just a few graphical assets and no other cost to the developer, Gamepedia is available through the Wiki Connect partnership program.

New players are lost without these resources, I see confused players here all the time asking basic questions that an official wiki could easily help answer. I know the developers occasionally read these, and it’s important that they try to make this partnership, because I can’t create a new resource like this on my own.

Its actually the other way around Curse is a subsidiary of Twitch and Twitch is a subsidiary of Amazon. But I do agree, we need an updated Wiki be it through Gamepedia or Wikia/Fandom.

The existing Gems wiki is editable by anyone, right? Why not update that instead of creating a new wiki on a new platform?

Go to the Wiki or the Twitchki and post this link.
Problem solved. :grinning:

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Good luck to anyone that actually writes said Gamepedia. So much info becomes out of date so quickly in this game that it just doesn’t seem worth it.

Why would I (or anyone else) leap to spend hours of my time creating high quality content for someone else’s game at no charge?

We’ve got gowdb, that’s all we need isn’t it? *shrug*

That’s for experienced players who already understand how the game work.

I personally already have (see my Mythic Tier List)

Have you used any Wikia lately? It’s crawling with intrusive advertisements that shift the page layout around and make the mobile site unusable. EDIT: Gamepedia has fewer ads for users who are logged in, and valued contributors can remove ads for free.

Gamepedia also has a much better reputation than Wikia because of this, and because they work with developers, it gives the site authority and authenticity for readers. EDIT: Each Gamepedia page gets a dedicated manager at Curse, and Gamepedia’s superior SEO means the pages will quickly become the top results when players look for information on Google.

I learned this game by asking guild mates that had being playing longer than I have how to do something. That promotes the guild aspect of the game. Also, just getting in the game and playing helped me learn all i need to know about it. That promotes gameplay aspect. GOWDB helps out greatly as well. Part of the fun of this game is having something new to learn and teach new players. I have all the help i need

also I learned ALOT from Tacet’s youtube stream

Every day. Sometimes 2 times a day.

And infinityplus2 has a twitch stream weekly giving updates, previews, and redeem codes

I totally understand where you are coming from @EliteMasterEric. This is why we updated our Zendesk with game guides written by our amazing support team!

A Gamepedia is likely to be a venture we don’t undertake, as it would require a significant time investment on the behalf of the developers as well as the community. Unfortunately, neither the social or support team have the amount of free time to make this a reality.

However, this post is valuable feedback, as it shows a clear need! We are working on more ways to educate new players, and it looks like we need to spruik our help centre articles more.

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I think a lot of that needs to happen in-game and not in supplementary off-game sources.

We are working on this @TheIdleOne. I feel that more awareness for our help centre articles will help in the interim.


Have you considered letting community members write articles on a topic you choose, which can then be vetted for quality by you, Kafka, or Cyrup? Crowdsource (part of) your job, so you have more time for streaming!

Thank you for responding! I understand that Gamepedia may not be viable for you guys to maintain, but are glad you took the time to consider the idea.

I realized the issue was blatant when I was on the subreddit, and saw player who was confused between heroes and troops.

Here are some things I would like to see in the future:

  • Obviously, an expansion on the topics in the Zendesk.

  • A beginner’s guide for new players, to give them advice and direction on how to progress. Since a lot of this (kingdom unlock order, etc). Since a lot of this is subjective, this may be better as a user guide.

  • Migrate some of the important guides (how heroes work, etc) to Steam so that they appear in Steam’s community hubs and menus. My recent guide is the only recent one there.

  • An update to the list of guides linked to in the subreddit. Many of those are outdated, and @Saltypatra you’re a mod, so that shouldn’t be difficult to fix.

The issue is that up-to-date resources are hard to locate. Hopefully the issue can be resolved quickly!