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New Help Center

I am very excited to announce our new support help center!

And the new help center here:

Go there for some more details!

The work doesn’t stop here. We still have some articles to write, revise, and update - and on Monday we’ll be going over everything in regards to formatting again - but we have made some big changes. Most of the work has been done by @Kafka, @Vexx @Andrew and I.

p.s we’ll fix this up during the work week, but there is currently a “Community” image missing from the homepage.


Of all the links on the page in big font.
These 3 tiny lines are how you can directly submit a ticket.
The other links I clicked just directed me to the forums with no instructions on what to do once I got there.
A lot of folks I’ve told to submit a bug report. Stop as soon as they have to put it on a public forums. I offer no solutions, only issues. (That would make a great title)


Thank you!

p.s Before this thread divulges into “Here are issues with the help center”, please remember there’s a ticket submission form just for issues in the help center :heart:

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Any plan to add multi language option in future?

@Melissa96 :slight_smile:

Is there a Help Centre for problems with the Help Centre? What if that doesn’t work? :thinking:

Also please can everyone stop spelling centre wrongly…

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As soon as you all start spelling “aluminum” with the right number of “i”s…

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Like most other game companies, we use American spelling for our content.

@awryan I don’t think this is something we will change. The help center is there for your use and should encourage you to self-help before immediately submitting a ticket.


I give you a

so you can throw it in this sentence.
Otherwise a good job. Thanks for that. I do not know many F2P games that are so dedicated to their community. :slight_smile:
And, this is no “Here are issues with the help center”…just a present to you. :stuck_out_tongue: :heart:


A delightful U! Thank U!

I hastily edited that sentence so yo’ll have to forgive my missing U. Where wold we be withot them.


Does the help centre provide support for those who cannot get their gems fix whilst stuck at work?

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There’s a lot of nice screenshots. So kinda.


Well… you tried, :smile:

This looks way prettier than when I was working on [some lots of] those articles last year… I like.

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Looks great, I thank you for doing this.

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If you ever decide to do a separate localisation for International English (as Windows calls it), I’d be happy to be a community point of contact for maintaining its up-to-dateness. :smile:


Please check the help center again for some spoilers! :eye: :statue_of_liberty:

It’s a challenge to use your new help center skills. you’ll have to find it.

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How did @Kafka defeat level 458 of the All-Seeing Eye’s Delve? Does this indicate that later levels are not spaced 10 apart like earlier ones are?


Faction Quests: Do not contain Class Quests.
Confirmation that there won’t be Classes for Faction?

Delve Chests award Chaos Shards, Renown, Gold, and Ingots
Do we really get Renown from the Delve Chests?
And during Salty’s stream, she get souls with a Delve Chest…

I guess you mean Delve Chests in this sentence: The Room Treasure Multiplier is the total chance you have for earning more Treasure when opening Chaos Portals.

There is a Weapon in the Faction Event Shop. Is there another way to get it? Other than Crafting?
There is no information about the length of the Faction Event (I think it is 3 days).
Do we get the 3 Delve Scrolls during the Faction Event?