REQUEST: This page is awesome, can you guys update it

A really useful page, but it’s been a while since it’s been up to date…

Like 1.0.8, and with balance changes it’s kinda no relevant anymore…

Game Guide – Weapon List – Gems of War could do with a refresh as well…


Agreed. The troop list is “a bit” outdated at the moment… :wink:

Yes, I so do miss the list being updated since I used to copy it to a spread sheet which made it easier for me to pick troop line ups.

The troop list fell to the way side when a whole boatload of changes rolled out and then I’m sure became less of a priority as @MrSammy and the community started the Wiki page

GoW WIKI - Here!

Thanks Mufasha,

Can you maybe put up a link to the page on the wiki that shows every troop’s development level by level in a format that an android device displays in such a manner tthat doesn’t make it look as awful as a Portugese midget snuff film?

Also, if that wiki’s existance is a mandate for the devs to not update the official documentation, then shouldn’t we be asking @MrSammy to take it down?

I’m not ungrateful for the efforts of this who have comtributed to the wiki, but if it now means that our resources are now displayed in a poorly formatted website with less functionality, that is not updated in a timely manner or in an officially capacity - then this is a pretty terrible outcome.

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You could also update the Wiki… Wiki’s are a community effort, not a one person thing…


You know, I’d actually be happy to update it - but I don’t know where to get the information from…

Example: My serpent is level 15, and has been ascended to Epic. I’ d like to know his progression to 20, bur only have game visibility as to what level 16 (nezt level) and 18 (max epic level).

Prior to 1.0.8 I could go and look at how he developed, and also understand how he worked. I can’t do this anymore as the devs aren’t updating because of the wiki.

So I go to the wiki and look up the troop list, where I can’t navigate the page until all 184 hi-res images download… So I ignore the fact that this for me is a phone game, you’ve just smashed my data allowance, and find that the serpent is 11-5-8-3 (and not 8-5-3-11 as displayed in the game, or 11-8-5-3 as per the GOW website).

Problem is that the game says it’s 13-5-10-3, so your site is wrong, and because of it the correct information is nowhere to be had.


I’m not sure where you got the impression that the dev team is not updating the site as a product of the wiki’s existence. They’ve stated in other threads that they wish to update it, but that other tasks take precedence.

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Mufasha mentioned it.

I’d argue that the perceived adequacy of the wiki hass caused it lose priority.

It used to be priority. We now have the wiki. It is now not a priority.

I see the issue @DanWhatever.
I did extract the info from the steam files, and not everyone is able to do that.

My life as gotten a lot busier in the last month and after building the WIKI, I’d hope others would be able to maintain it…

However, I’ll do my best to update it next week (this is not a promise).
In exchange, I want you to help me figure out where I should put the Ascension bonus.

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At risk of being part of the solution, I’d note your original format has a white back ground.

Where ascention is required to gain a level, I’d change the fill colour to a pale shade of the newly aaceded rarity to indicate that the figure includes an implied ascension bonus

Serpent has 15 levels of stat progression with a white background, but the 16th level is shaded with a pale green fill. While levelling shows an increase of 1-1-0-1,it is displayed as 2-2-1-0 to in dictate an ascention is required. 17 is pale blue, 18 is mauve ans so forth.
Sheggra has 19 levels of stat progression with a white background, with the 20th being shaded aquamarine.

Maybe you can put the bonus for Ascension in the Characteristics table on the right, something like:

Or a new table below the Characteristics’ one.

Did you do the wiki manually?