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In guild rank 50: Will the update reduce the number of glory keys and gems I get?

Just curious whether the more experienced people here know the answer to this yet:
I am a fairly new player but my progress in the game is probably above average as I’ve completed all the quests and get to pvp rank 1.

I’m in a guild around rank 50 but as I’m new my troop collection is still very lacking.
Still, I’d very roughly estimate my guild gives out 200 glory keys and enough gems for 25 gem keys per week. I haven’t actually counted so could be well off here :wink:
This equates to 1.5 legendaries per week I believe.

Do the changes mean it’s going to take longer for me to get more troops, especially the higher rarities?
If so, any idea how much the above numbers will be reduced?

You should get about the same amount, but also other things on top of that. It may also be even higher than that by some. The lower tasks in each category cost less gold, so it depends if your guild focuses down a few guardians or splits at them all evenly.