Improvements in the Game Communication System

I am an old player and I still remember when the game had no guild system and much less chat. And I’m proud to be following today’s development of this wonderful game that gives me fun and entertainment for so many hours, but one thing I’ve long thought could be improved is the communication system between players.

I believe that two additions would make the game’s communication system perfect:

- Creating a list of friends.
With it, a player could add other players, even if they were not part of their own guild. In every MMO it is common to have friends in other guilds other than the one that is part of it. Through the list of friends, the player could know how are the status of friends more easily as well as know when they are online in the game.

- The possibility for players to send e-mails to each other.
This system would be perfect for exchanging information with other players, even when they were not online at the same time. The player could send the email and when the other connected he would receive it as the common notifications we received with the prizes for daily missions and tributes.

Players who choose if they would accept to receive e-mail from any player, only from the friends or only from members of the guild. It would be impossible to unmark the e-mails of guild members once this system is created for communication between guild members.

For guild leaders there would be a unique type of email in which the message sent by him would go to each of the members in the guild so that the guild could notify their friends weekly about updates and developments within the guild.

I’m sure 100% of gamers would appreciate these improvements as we need to use extra features, out of the game, to maintain better contact like Whatsapp and Discord.

Thanks for listening.

MeghatroN - Guild Raptors BRASIL

(Translated by Google Translate. We are Brazilian and we are active in game, we love the game and we dream with an update for our language).