A suggestion of communication between players

Add a friend system in this game. Many of us usually wanna to chat with each other. However we can only try global chat. But Global chat usually has lots of people talking there and the lines rolling fast. It is really hard to notice whom is talking to you. I think it will be better if dev can put some functions that we could send PMs to friends or other great features into this game.

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Aggre !
Minh Phát Long

I’m pretty sure the devs have something planned (the button to the left of “fight” while looking at a player’s profile suggests so at least :slight_smile:), but I wouldn’t hold my breath as to when (it’s there unused for some months already).
As a temporary solution: you can switch to a different channel. I use only guild chat, so don’t pay much attention, but I’m connected to channel 8 and there’s pretty much no conversation there. I guess it’s similar on most (almost all?) other channels.