In-game chat improvement

Could you please consider opportunity to improve in-game chat with the following features:

  1. implement messagimg to the certain guildmate, thus other guildmates will not be bothered by message not addressed to them
  2. implement notification about chat messages addressed to guildmate or all guildmates
  3. implement tagging for important messages and filtering to switch between important messages only and all messages

Some players are not checking in-game chat regularly and therefore they (and their guild) need a way to attract their attention and have them to read a message from guild/guildmate.

Thanks a lot in advance



I prefer the suggestion, that has been around since 2015, possibly the most requested one, and will never be implemented because of “technical limitations” (also known as lazyness):

Direct personal ingame mails.

The mails, they send out to everyone once in a while, do prove, that it is possible to include custom texts in those.