Improved Guild chat & Event activity feedback

Ok first off as you can find out you go to Guild, Guild Manage task & Seals, you will see at the bottom there is Guild Activity. In that category it has thousands of logs when you go to filter choose what you’re looking for and when you hit the blue X button over and over thousands of logs was recorded. SO MY IDEA is this, make Guild Chat the same way where we can look up chats we had at different dates in time. Have a filter where we can look up chats and see chats from day 1 to day 30 or 31 where we can SEE chats from 2 or three months ago. It would help with everything. And for Events I would love to look up what and see the guildmates activities for different events all though the year. So please add a filter tool for guild chat and events.

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I understand you want this but it is pretty unfeasible. What do you think how much log would an active guild generate in a day? I mean disk space. Storing chat history for months could require terabytes, not speaking about accessing this data.

The one feature I would like to see is a chat command to display the guild announcement.

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They can make memory chips that can handle it we already have 2 TB memory on consoles, so why make a memory chip that can hold a whole year’s worth of chat logs. I say it be what 6 GTB Giga Trillion Byte or 50 GTB? We have to evolve, life evolves so why not technology?